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<date>April 7, 2003</date>
<refpurpose>Convert a Spotlight Online vocabularly list to a &kvoctrain; data file.</refpurpose>
<group><option><replaceable>spotfile</replaceable> <replaceable>month</replaceable> <replaceable>year</replaceable></option></group>
<group><option>KDE Generic Options</option></group>
<group><option>Qt Generic Options</option></group>
<para><command>spotlight2kvtml</command> is used to convert a
Spotlight Online vocabulary list to a &kvoctrain; data file (<literal
<para>The given vocabulary list (spotfile) must be in plain text
format (&ie;, you will need to convert the downloaded RTF or Word
document into a plain text file). The name of the new &kvoctrain; data
file will be derived from the given spotfile.</para>
<para>The given month and year will be used in the title and lesson
names in the new &kvoctrain; data file.</para>
<para>Note that Spotlight Online changes its vocabulary list format
from time to time, so <command>spotlight2kvtml</command> might be out
of date and might not behave correctly.</para>
<para>This package is part of the official KDE edutainment module.</para>
<title>See Also</title>
<para>kvoctrain(1), langen2kvtml(1)</para>
<para><command>spotlight2kvtml</command> was written by &Ewald.Arnold;
&Ewald.Arnold.mail;.</para> <para>This manual page was prepared by
</para> </refsect1>