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In addition to its messages, Kanagram's
data files need to be translated. You can find these data files (in English)
in SVN in branches/KDE/3.5/tdeedu/kanagram/data. Please note the
"translations" don't have to be direct translations. You can add words,
remove words, translate words, add new files, etc. What is important is to
have files in every language, not necessarily that they are exact equivalents
to the English versions.
* Instructions regarding creating translations *
Make a directory called l10n/yourLanguageCode/data/tdeedu/kanagram, and add to
it the translated .kvtml files and a containing the following
txt_DATA = file1.kvtml file2.kvtml file3.kvtml (obviously, replacing the fake
filenames with the actual filenames of the files you create)
txtdir = $(kde_datadir)/kanagram/data/yourLanguageCode
Thanks for your faithful translation efforts. They are greatly appreciated.
Joshua Keel
Code is poetry.