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- move all QRegExp generation into namespace Dict, so Kiten et. al. just tell
Dict what kind of search they want, and Dict tells them the regexp they need
to pass Dict::Index.
jasonkb says: err maybe, don't see the advantages of this.
Neil replies: You haven't used Dict. While re-doing Learn, I went to use
searchKanji and didn't know how to formulate the regexp. No user of the API
will. Dict needs a wrapper that will handle that for the user.
- get all SearchResults and Entries into one hierarchy.
jasonkb says: I don't understand ;)
Neil replies: You know how Headers are a hack right now? I want them not
to be a hack in Kiten 2.
- split the two tabs of the learn mode into separate dialogs, or even make
learn a separate app.
jasonkb says: hmm perhaps.
Neil replies: I see three users of libkiten in the Kiten 2 age: the
dictionary, the quizzer, and the XIM server. (note that the kana lineedit
will be in the lib)
- rewrite the index generator
jasonkb says: not me :P
Neil replies: It's wicked, but it really does have to be done. Dict fell
to repeated effort, and so shall the generator. Hey, maybe it won't even
have to be a separate executible, but just a function under namespace Dict.
- move all dialogs to KDialogBase, and have them used by exec()ing them
jasonkb says: sure