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** KStars 1.0: A Desktop Planetarium for KDE **
Copyright (c) 2001,2002,2003 by The KStars Team:
Jason Harris <>
Heiko Evermann <>
Thomas Kabelmann <>
Pablo de Vicente <>
Jasem Mutlaq <>
Mark Hollomon <>
Carsten Niehaus <>
KStars is Free Software, released under the GNU Public License.
See COPYING for GPL license information.
1. Important URLs and files.
The KStars homepage is:
You can obtain the latest version at:
There are instructions for obtaining the latest CVS build at:
Installation instructions are in the file INSTALL.
This is the file README.
2. KStars documentation
The KStars handbook can be found in your $(TDEDIR)/share/doc/tde/HTML/<lang>/kstars/
directory. You can also easily access it from the Help menu, or by pressing
the [F1] key, or by visiting
In addition, there are the following README files:
README: This file; general information
README.planetmath: Explanation of algorithms used to compute planet positions
README.customize: Advanced customization options
README.images: Copyright information for images used in KStars.
README.i18n: Instructions for translators
3. Credits
A. The KStars Team
Main contributors:
Jason Harris <>
Heiko Evermann <>
Thomas Kabelmann <>
Pablo de Vicente <>
Jasem Mutlaq <>
Mark Hollomon <>
Carsten Niehaus <>
B. Data Sources:
Most of the catalog data came from the Astronomical Data Center, run by
NASA. The website is:
KStars links to the excellent image collections and HTML pages put together
by the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, at:
KStars links to the online Digitized Sky Survey images, which you can
query at:
KStars links to images from the HST Heritage project, and from HST
press releases:
KStars links to images from the Advanced Observer Program at
Kitt Peak National Observatory. If you are interested in astrophotography,
you might consider checking out their program:
Credits for each image used in the program are listed in README.images
C. Acknowledgements
KStars is a labor of love. It started as a personal hobby of mine, but
very soon after I first posted the code on Sourceforge, it started to
attract other developers. I am just completely impressed and gratified
by my co-developers. I couldn't ask for a more talented, friendly crew.
It goes without saying that KStars would be nowhere near what it is today
without their efforts. Together, we've made something we can all be
proud of.
We used (primarily) two books as a guide in writing the algorithms used
in KStars:
+ "Practical Astronomy With Your Calculator" by Peter Duffett-Smith
+ "Astronomical Algorithms" by Jean Meeus
Thanks to the developers of Qt and KDE whose peerless API made KStars
possible. Thanks also to the tireless efforts of the KDE translation
teams, who bring KStars to a global audience.
Thanks to everyone at the KDevelop message boards and on,
for answering my frequent questions.
Thanks also to the many users who have submitted bug reports or other
You're still reading this? :)
Well, that's about it. I hope you enjoy KStars!
Jason Harris
KStars Development Mailing list
Send us ideas and feedback!