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0.7.5 (KDE 3.4)
- Show mortgage and house prices/values on estate views.
- Make token image a saved configuration setting, use TDEIconDialog.
- Avoid scrollbar by using KWrappedListViewItem.
0.7.2 (KDE 3.3.2)
- Proper use of host and port in tdeio_atlantik: fixes problems with
invitations sent by newer clients.
- bugfix: scroll player views when they get too big. (#69043)
- bugfix: show correct amount of players in trade widget.
0.7.1 (KDE 3.3.1)
- Don't show warning dialog when exiting a game that ended. (#88617)
0.7.0 (KDE 3.3)
- Event log
- Use of KStatusBar
- Game master can boot other players to lounge during game setup (#52631)
- Support gameupdate tag, deprecate updategamelist (requires monopd >= 0.9.0)
- Support individual configupdate tags
- Show estate names on board (#61858)
- Properly withdraw from a game prior to intended client exits, to avoid
triggering monopd's reconnection timeout.
- bugfix: avoid crash when unresolvable hosts are in the meta server list
- bugfix: fix crash when network core is reset while readbuffer isn't empty
- bugfix: chat view can be cleared (#69044)
- hide development servers identifying themselves with "-dev"
- support for custom tokens
- don't connect to meta server unless user has configured to do so
- support for KNotify events
- option to hide development servers (on by default)
- gui to connect to custom server
- klatencytimer: support for server ping times
- option to show timestamp in chat messages
- bugfix: fix wild pointer when removing trade items (#68589)
- bugfix: set proper palette color for EstateDetails so Keramik buttons
don't look out of place
- bugfix: don't interrupt token movement when player leaves jail on doubles
- bugfix: add m_atlanticCore checks in Board, fixes some Atlantik Designer
- bugfix: don't show players from other games in auction and trade widgets
on monopd 0.9.0 servers
- bugfix: valgrind found two crash conditions when leaving game
configuration widget or auction widget (#66498)
- fix problem where sometimes the select game widget appears
after starting a game
- removed buggy trademap in network code for decent ptrlist in core
- memory management: reset complete core when going to select server page
- store reconnection cookie
- hide token when player goes bankrupt
- prevent player from building/unmortgaging when in debt
- disable auction/usecard menu item when not available (requires monopd >= 0.8.1)
- make use of trade revisions (monopd >= 0.8.2 recommended)
- don't tell game has started when it has not
- sort user column in server list by number, not alphabetically
- show non-game users when not in a game
- prevent double close buttons on estate details
- correctly handle utf-8 over the network
- only show localhost server when it is available
- leaving a game and starting a new game correctly reinits atlanticCore
- use disability to join game when size == MAX in gameupdate (games in
updategamelist now have canbejoined boolean attribute)
- using playerupdate for player list in SelectConfiguration
- use portfolioview instead of tdelistview for players during config
- better handling of display messages from server
- fixed token animation
- fixed potential double initialization of gameboard
- don't crash when removing money from a trade
- properly quote arguments given to TDEProcess in tdeio_atlantik
- valgrind leak and unitialised memory access fixes
- fixed dangling pointer for removeGUI(Trade *) in AtlanticCore
- player name change doesn't make it to trade money items
- fixed token positioning on game start
- fixes to work with monopd 0.6.0 API
- token geometry is now aware of estate colour captions
- queue display widgets
- fix buttons, they have specific targets, not just the current widget
- delete buttons in EstateDetails::newUpdate()
- commandline parameters host, port and game supported (for auto-join)
- tdeio_atlantik allows for easy connecting from other applications
- leave game and leave server options
- pre-game configuration
2002-07-08 (kaper)
- support for auto-connect and auto-join
2002-07-07 (kaper)
- request full update when getting invalid data from the network
- gui bugfixes
2002-07-04 (kaper) (atlantik-0.3.0)
- clear display on <display/>
2002-07-03 (kaper)
- removing trade money works again, fixed possible crashes in trade and
auction deletion within network API
2002-06-30 (kaper)
- monopd no longer sends gamelist on connect, so request it
- more intelligent EstateDetails, shows no useless info anymore and added
groupname, price and isMortgaged
- 10% or $200 taxes finally implemented! (requires monopd CVS >= 20020701)
- removed <br> from messagewindow, apparently Qt autowraps (again??)
2002-06-27 (kaper)
- recently committed some changes to be up-to-date with some API monopd
- generalised BoardDisplay::displayCard() into displayText() so I can fix
the missing jail notification bug
2002-04-29 (kaper)
- dropped QSocket for KExtendedSocket
2002-03-30 (kaper)
- monopd API: support for estategroupupdate
- build portfolioview upon game start for better layouting
2002-02-19 (kaper)
- Trading done except for small esthetic TODOs.
2002-02-13 (kaper)
- Nicer button layouts (QSpacerItems, TDEIcon::SizeSmall, margin/spacingHints)
2002-02-11 (kaper)
- Gametypes no longer hardcoded but fetched from monopd server
- Trading money, rejecting trades!
2002-01-31 (kaper)
- Bugfixes
- Trades! (ok, just the estates and no way to accept, but still ;)
2002-01-08 (kaper)
- Auctions!
- Board resize updates tokens again
2001-12-22 (katz)
- Add support for setting AtlantikBoard's size in its ctor;
simply tell it maxEstates. Right now for Atlantik's board
it simply uses a hard-coded 40
- in Designer, implement 'smaller' nad 'larger' menu entries,
now able to save and load boards with any size!!!
- add boardinfo.[h/cpp] that has a BoardInfo class that has board information,
and a class to View/Edit it
- designer uses it, doesn't read/write the info yet tho
2001-12-20 (katz)
- fix using user's colors for openNew in designer
2001-12-20 (katz)
- gets its first entry in ChangeLog, because designer has been
on the whole useless before this
- supports chance and cc cards; loads and saves properly
- doesn't crash in random places
- loads and saves in Cap's new format
- fix probs with the swallowed dialogs
- don't use defaultcity.conf in openNew(); make board with
user's KDE colors! pretty :-) doesn'twork tho, neil will fix
- use KComboBox now QComboBox
- maybe some other things?
2001-12-20 (kaper)
- Moved network stuff to libatlantiknetwork
2001-12-19 (kaper)
- Better toolbar disable/enable code (API changes in monopd)
- Bugfixes for m_playerSelf
- preparations to use KExtendedSocket instead of QSocket
- using KPushButton instead of QPushButton
2001-12-18 (kaper)
- moved Trade to libatlantic
- libatlantic now includes AtlanticCore wrapper
2001-12-17 (kaper)
- moved object management to Network class
- moved Estate and Player to libatlantic
2001-12-16 (kaper)
- monopd no longer 'includes' estates in trades, but has a proper
targetplayer for them. added support for this API update, as well as the
update regarding money trades
2001-12-14 (kaper)
- better looking portfolios
- support for displaying game types in game list
- ability to choose between city or atlantic gametype
- GUI to create a trade
2001-11-29 (kaper)
- Portfolios are _truly_ dynamic now. :-)
2001-11-27 (kaper)
- Set version to 0.1.2 CVS.
2001-11-27 (kaper) (0.1.1 release)
- PortfolioViews and PortfolioEstates work again!
- Tagged 0.1.1 release.
2001-11-23 (kaper)
- Trading skeleton
- Better implementation of connection between Player and PortfolioView
- Various code cleanups
2001-11-21 (kaper)
- Very basic skeleton for atlanticd (monopd-compatible server)
2001-11-15 (kaper)
- Even more dynamic thinking: estateview actions now completely depend on
server data instead of own checks.
2001-11-14 (kaper)
- Tokens are correctly positioned at startup and token animation is working
- Chance/community cards are displayed in board center.
2001-11-12 (kaper)
- EstateViews have correct orientation again.
- Fixed weird Quartz behavior on large resolutions.
2001-11-11 (kaper)
- First changes to replace KMessageBox with in-window widget.
- Starting games is possible again.
- Connected Estate::changed to EstateView::estateChanged.
- Added informational message at game startup regarding current Atlantik
state (buggy, at least).
- No longer using fixed geometry.
- Dynamic (server guided) colour support for estates.
- Board configuration settings update properly again.
- Starting Player / Token relationship as we did for Estate / EstateView
- Tokens move again (animation not in operation yet).
- Right Mouse Button actions on estates are properly working again.
2001-11-05 (kaper)
- SelectGame and SelectConfiguration KWizard replacement widgets done.
- Better icon loading.
- Better error checking when connecting to a server.
2001-10-19 (kaper)
- Rewriting new game wizard into regular widgets, SelectServer done.
- Internal changes.
2001-10-10 (kaper)
- Estates are created dynamically now!
- Lots of internal changes regarding player and estateupdates.
- monopd API change: mortgages are now a toggle.
2001-10-09 (kaper)
- Portfolioviews are now generated dynamically. The Atlantik class manages
the creation and updates of the content are done by the (new) Player
class. Atlantik does act as intermediate here, though, eventually being
responsible for both player and widget management.
- Player objects/views are only created when playerupdate contains init=1
- Estate class created, simplified grid layout code for board.
- Temporarily removed gameboard spacer code.
2001-10-05 (kaper)
- Qt3 updates.
- Small monopd API updates.
2001-09-04 (kaper)
- Been a while since the last update, due to the renaming to Atlantik (now
mostly taken care of, thus this entry), new game concept (in progress) and
my vacation to San Francisco (unfortunately no longer in progress).
2001-08-06 (kaper)
- Monopigator works! :-)
2001-07-30 (kaper)
- Estateupdate visual update fixes.
- Using can_be_mortgaged and can_be_unmortgaged attributes of monopd's
- New app icons by Bart Szyszka :-)
- Token confirmation disabled for jumpToken when resizing gameboard or after
directmove instrution from server.
2001-07-19 (kaper)
- Network interface for trades completed, all commands and signals are in
2001-07-17 (kaper)
- Encapsulated actual monopd API commands in gameNetwork
- Extended gameNetwork to support trading API commands
- RMB actions on estates only available when owned by player respresented by
this client
2001-07-16 (kaper)
- Small bugfix connecting standard roll action to correct slot.
- Code documentation! (at least for the KMonop class)
- Quartz effects! (configurable)
2001-07-13 (neil)
- UI: make the SelectGame widgets respond as the user may expect them to
2001-07-01 (kaper)
- Using KStdGameAction more and more (requires kdenonbeta version for roll
- Updated to be compatible with recent monopd API changes
2001-06-29 (kaper)
- Bugfix: when owner=-1 in estateupdate, KMonop now clears the
portfolio/board estateviews.
- Added icon for Go.
- New config option to highlite unowned properties.
- Seperated server messages from chat.
2001-06-27 (kaper)
- Updated TODO (some wishlist items, changed version roadmap)
- Added a lot of i18n strings!
2001-06-26 (kaper)
- New config option: mortgaged properties can be grayed out on the gameboard
- Slightly increased size of portfolio estates
- Added RMB popup to estates with mortgage/unmortgage and build/sell house
- Added luxury tax and community chest icons.
2001-06-24 (kaper)
- Server port no longer hardcoded, added extra default server (running
monopd CVS).
- Game board visualization of houses and hotels!
2001-06-21 (kaper)
- Network code parses <estateupdate> attribs houses and mortgaged.
2001-06-19 (kaper)
- Added "end turn" button.
- Added "pay to leave jail" button.
- Added playername to config dialog.
- Updated parsing of <updateplayerlist> changes in monopd.
2001-06-17 (kaper)
- Upgraded version to pre-0.2.0
2001-06-17 (kaper) (0.1.0 release)
- Happy birthday Katy. Love, Rob.
- Integrated recent monopd updates.
- Some internal code changes.
- Added support for <updategamelist type="edit">
- Added support for <updateplayerlist> which replaced <playerlist>
- Tagged 0.1.0 release
- Portfolioestate/board recognize utilities as ownable estates.
- Prepared utilities for icons.
- Configuration works!
- Location confirmation upon jumpToken.
- Unowned indication also for railroads.
- More PlayerUpdate* changes.
- Added parsing of <msg type="chat"> message which is new in monopd.
Chatting can thus be done through the console (lineedit field) now.
- Some changes to configure dialog, none that influence behavior though.
- Got tired of passing netw through all classes, it's pretty general anyway
so I made it a general variable.
- PlayerUpdate* changes (movetoken was removed from monopd API)
- Added parsing of <movetoken> command which is new in monopd
- Sending .t# command to monopd which is now required during token movement
- Token is now a nice icon (not yet transparent though, unfortunately I
couldn't get that to work right)
- Added board icons for train and chance estates
- Token which has turn is raised to make sure it's on top
- Moved some of the XML parsing code back to GameNetwork::processNode
- Changed version (back.. ssht!) to pre-0.0.2
- Internal improvements to network/newgamewizard code (more accurate slots
and button validation)
2001-05-27 (0.0.1 release)
- Visual feedback showing who's turn it is
- Roll/buy buttons only enabled during turn
- Tagged 0.0.1 release
- Small cosmetic changes.
- New application icons, icons installdir changed.
- Configure dialog (looks nice, doesn't load/save yet)
- Message view autoscrolls.
- Small (cosmetic) portfolioview updates.
- Visual display on board showing which properties are still for sale
- New game dialog improvements (select game page checks network status and
gamelist availability
- Tokens are actually moving over the board! (instead of jumping)
- Portfolios built upon "playerupdate" message instead of final playerlist,
since we'll get plenty more updates anyway.
- Token placed on location hinted by playerupdate.
- Input box at bottom left corner can be used to send messages to the server
to compensate for any commands not yet implemented. Such as .n to set your
name and .r to roll.
- Cash and estates in portfolio get updated after purchase/rent.
- Wizard notifies game server we're starting the game upon finish. Bugfix in
KMonop::slotStartNewGame which checks whether wizard still exists before
trying to hide it.
- Portfolio overviews are built upon game start, requires monopd which sends
final attribute along with playerlist.
- Framework for token class.
- Informational messages from server are shown in output textbox.
- Only sending start game command when wizard is finished, not when it is
- Various code cleanups, keeping things neat.
- Playerlist and gamelist are automatically sent by server, manual request
no longer required.
- Playerlist is fetched from server.
- Playerlist is interpreted and updated when someone enters.
- Option to finish setup and launch game, closes all wizards.
- Network object moved to KMonop, where it belongs. Wizard and its pages use
- NewGameDialog is now a wizard. A connection to the server is made and a
list of available games to join fetched, using Qt's XML parsing
- Turned NewGameDialog into modal dialog.
- Initial ChangeLog entry.