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doHeader("Trinity Features", "Home", "Features");
<li>A repository of TDE compatible software applications.</li>
<li>Traditional panel, task bar, task manager, quick launch.</li>
<li>Several text editors, file manager, image viewers, office apps, archive manager.</li>
<li style="padding-bottom:1.5ex">The original and improved classic Amarok music player.</li>
<li>A comprehensive control center to configure the desktop to each user's preferences.</li>
<li>Monitor and Display control center module for system wide single/multi monitor and display configuration.</li>
<li>TDE Run dialog supports autocompletion and history-based autocompletion.</li>
<li style="padding-bottom:1.5ex">Customizable System Tray icon sizes.</li>
<li>Remote Folder Synchronization in Konqueror file manager.</li>
<li><a href="">ICC (International Color Consortium)</a>
color profile support.</li>
<li>Searchable system menu.</li>
<li style="padding-bottom:1.5ex">Kickoff style system menu support.</li>
<li>SmartCard support.</li>
<li>Supports GTK2/Qt theme engine; tabs, check boxes, menu backgrounds.</li>
<li>Optional <a href="">Secure Attention
Key</a> to further secure the login and desktop lock dialogs.</li>
<li style="padding-bottom:1.5ex">A built-in X11 compositor.</li>
<li>Some TDE applications, such as Amarok, detect and use true RGBA (Red Green
Blue Alpha) transparency when available.</li>
<li>A TDE-specific DBUS notification client for improved integration with
common applications such as Firefox and NetworkManager (not dependant on HAL).</li>
<li style="padding-bottom:1.5ex">Prevent OpenGL screen savers from locking the display.</li>
<li>Flash plugin support in Konqueror.</li>
<li>Enhanced Quick Launch.</li>
<li style="padding-bottom:1.5ex">Caldav and Carddav support.</li>
<li>XDG compliant.</li>
<li>Improved stdout/stderr messages to enhance readability in xsession-error log.</li>
<li>TQt interface (lays groundwork for selective Qt4 compatibility)</li>