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Version 0.3.2 (30. June 2003)
Almost a real TDE3 application.
Version 0.3.1 (31. January 2002)
Prerelease for TDE2 (Documentation not fully adjusted).
The "highscore"-file is no longer been created by the installation, but as
soon as the hall of fame has been entered. The path (directory/filename)
could be specified in the configfile. If the systemwide "highscore"-file is not
writable, a private file in the home-directory of the user is used and a
corresponding message is shown.
Version 0.3.0 (June 2000, not released)
Ms.Pacman mode implemented (mighty modification) !
Automatic Pause/Continue in Back/Foreground, for Kevin Forge (he has the
idea for Ms.Pacman too) integrated. This options can be changed using the
Portuguese translation by Sérgio Fernandes.
Animation of the energizers und blinking of active player ("1UP") added.
Flickering during editing the hall of fame by changing the focus removed
The mousecursor could be hidden/shown while over the playground, thru the
The boardlayout (map) could be placed in external textfiles and selected thru
the configfile (tdepacmanrc) if needed.
Duplicate pixmaps removed. Because all pixmapfiles could be specified thru
the configfile now, pixmaps could be placed in foreign (scheme)-directories
(EyesPixmapName=../tiny/eyes.xpm), or have different names (e.g.:
After eating the last dot, the first pixmap of the last/current direction is
shown. The initial pixmap of the north/up-direction was displayed so far.
Version 0.2.6 (December 11th, 1999)
Swedish translation of some text (unfortunately incomplete) by Johne.
By the use of special charaters (umlauts) in the swedish version, the whole
font-handling had to be rearranged.
The fonts contains (nearly) the full ISO-Latin1 characterset (no lowercase
Alignment functions built into the display routines.
No further use of xbm-fonts, therefore pbm-files were used as fonts (they
need less space, even they contains much more characters).
All textelements added to the localisation (i18n). So strings like "GAME
OVER" or "READY!" could be translated into any language.
The documentation and programm now contains my brandnew
Version 0.2.5 (June 20th, 1999)
Displaying of the hall of fame changed, hopefully this fix some rare bugs.
Use lower/raise- instead of former used hide/show-functions to switch
The file used for HighScore storage, will be set to worldwriteable (chmod
666) during installation. Thru this "normal" users could store their highscores
Levels entended upto 13 (LevelPixmaps, Score), by the higher scores, the
fonts (for displaying the scored points) had to be extended too. The scores
could be variable (in the range from 10 to 9000, only the leading digit can be
not 0. exception 1600 ) now. The pixmap for the score could be larger than
the actual figure itself.
Because there is not enough room to show 13 levelsymbols in the statusline,
the position of the symbol can be specified by the LevelPosition value(s).
The default-Speed of the monsters kept constant althrough higher levels,
requested by Gerald Williams.
Update-routines (display) optimized.
The documentation and programm now contains my new email-address.
Version 0.2.4 (January 26th, 1999 - today linux v2.2 was released)
Added the hall of fame to store the highscores. For this, the structure of the
bitfonts was extented to contain furthermore characters, the
special-characters (small scores during the game) moved to the
control-character-region and the fonthandling was enhanced (FontFirstChar
and FontLastChar can be stored in the Configfile).
The size of the labels in the "Change Keys..."-dialog were set manually,
cause the autoResize-function in the qt-libs didn't work correctly in all
The menuitems are more sensitive to the actual availiable functions
(disabled/enabled and checked).
Now, also in the "MIDWAY (large)"-scheme the smoother font-smooth.xbm
font is used by default.
The files for the internationalization moved to represent the new standard
Version 0.2.3a (January 15th, 1999)
Keyboard-routines changed to be compatible with the TDE 1.1 libraries
(compiles with 1.0 and 1.1).
A small bug fixed in tdepacman.cpp (CHECK_PTR( menuBar )).
Version 0.2.3 (September 12th, 1998)
Slowed down the movement of the monsters in the prison, and fixed a bug
that kept the monsters moving slowly after the "harmless"-phase of the
Added a new font "font-smooth" and smoothed the pixmap "wall.xpm" for the
Enhanced configuration of all timing-parameters using the configuration file.
Changed Help-function (kapp->getHelpMenu) to reflect the TDE-Standard.
Improved the documentation (Many thanks to Andreas Pour).
Version 0.2.2 (August 24th, 1998)
Localized the sources and added a German translation of the
Fixed bug so pixmaps and bitfonts could located correctly after using the
"Change keys..."-dialog.
Changed the location of the files (sources, pixmaps, docs etc.) to reflect the
recommeded structure of kapptemplate v0.1.
Version 0.2.1 (August 18th, 1998)
Improved the timing (it's not perfect yet), and I hope Andreas Pour will have
more fun testing the next version.
Increased flexibility in handling the pixmaps.
Version 0.2.0 (August 13th, 1998)
Added (preliminary) graphic scheme support.
Version 0.1.1 (August 8th, 1998)
First public release.