TDE frontend for power management
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*	                      DEPENDENCIES                                 *

You need the following packages (the package names maybe differ for each
distribution) to compile KPowersave: 

   - dbus (dbus-devel, dbus-qt3-devel) >= 0.6.x recommended: >= 0.9.x
   - hal (hal-devel) recommended: >=
   - tdelibs3-devel recommended: >= 3.4.3/3.5.x
   - pkgconfig
   - xorg-x11-devel (for detect inactivity and set DPMS)

 and maybe also these packages:
   - doxygen (for code documentation)
   - docbook, trinitysdk (handbook) 

 other (may) needed packages for run all KPowersave features:
   - PolicyKit, recommended >= 0.2 
   - ConsoleKit

*	                      INSTALLATION                                 *

* For SUSE users how to generate configure:

   . /etc/opt/trinity/common_options

* For other distributions try this to generate configure:

   make -f admin/Makefile.common cvs

* Execute the following commands to compile, make and install  kpowersave:

   ./configure --prefix=/opt/trinity [--enable-debug=full]
   make install

 For the rest (or more general information) read the INSTALL file.

*	                     HELP/SUPPORT                                  *

 Project Websites:




 powersave-users with enduser support:

 powersave-devel for developer and port to distributions:




 Please report distribution or packaging related bugs to the bugreport 
 system of your distribution e.g.:
	* SUSE Linux:
	* Debian:
	* K/Ubuntu:
	* RedHat:
	* Mandriva:
	* ALT Linux: 
	* Pardus:

 For general Bugs use:
	* powersave-users mailinglist