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kedit 0.7

Fixed up word wrap in auto-indent and normal mode and implemented emacs
still ctrl-k ctrl-y kill-ring. KEdit should be quite usable now.

kedit 0.5

This is release 0.5 of KEdit.

There are quite a number internal as external changes. The biggest
problem were a number of bugs that the underlying QMultiLineWidget
exhibits in Qt 1.2. For anything I started, be it find, replace,
word-wrap, indent-mode, loading, saving, I hit upon bugs in the
multiline widget and had to find work-arounds. This is the main
reason, why this new release took so long. However, the Trolls were
very responsive to my bug reports and helped me in finding work
arounds. The next release of qt, qt 1.3 should have a much better
multiline widget. Thanks, Trolls!

One of the consequences of this is that find, find/replace, word-warp
and indent mode don't "feel right". They, as you will notice feel slow
and sluggish. We have to wait for qt 1.3 for this to improve. However
Qt 1.3 might well break some of the work arounds in place now, but I
will make a good effort to bring out a new version of kedit as soon as
qt 1.3 appears.

I made so many changes, that I wouldn't be surprise if I broke some
basic functionality. Please test kedit and let me know immediately if
you think you found a bug. I will fix the problem as soon as

Note: You need smgl-tools 0.99 if you want to regenerate the provided
documentation in ps, html, dvi format for the sgml source.

o adopted new kde look
o found workaround for faster loading and saving.
o find dialog working properly
o find/replace dialog working properly
o Indent Mode
o Goto Line
o Fill Column
o Word Wrap
o Documentation is now provided in sgml, ps, dvi, and html
o Rewrote the underlying kedit widget, so that it can now be used in
other applications such as kmail.
o rewrites, rewrites, rewrites .... still there is more
historical baggage left to get rid of....


o recently opened files list
o remember last directory the user opened a file in.
o Paragraph formatting
o Spell Checking (maybe)
o Option to turn backup file creation off.
o better support for net-files.


o Help will only work with the next release of tdelibs. Alternatively
you can copy a copy of kedit.html, kedit.gif into

o kedit has currently problems to deal with color-scheme changes
without restarting kedit. I have made the necessary changes to
libtdecore to deal with this problem. You will however have to wait
for the next tdelibs release. At that time I will also bring out
a new version of kedit that will take advantage of those changes.

There is still lots to be done, but I hope you will find kedit a useful
little editor already.

Best Regards,

kedit+ 0.4.1

Solved the "tab" problem. kedit+ is now Makefile proof. :-)

kedit+ 0.4

A few last minute changes to kedit+ 0.2 introduced an embarrassing bug,
which didn't let you "save as" an "Untitled" document. I fixed that
bug, and while I was at it I added colors to the Options dialog.
Now you can also set the fore- and background colors of kedit+.
Martin Konold suggested I bump the version number to something larger
than 0.3.1 which was the last release of kedit.

Hope you will find this editor useful.


Best Regards, Bernd

kedit+ 0.2

This is kedit+ a simple text editor for the KDE project. I have taken
Alex Sanda's kedit and turned it into what I believe to be
a useful little editor. I had to rewrite many parts of the original
kedit and added, as you will surely notice, many new features.
Nevertheless, it is still no emacs and will never be one ;-)

I have tried to contact Alex, but haven't heard back from him.
Should kedit+ become kedit? kedit has not been developed for
about 4 month ....

HELP WANTED: I need an open-folder icon !!!

I hope you like kedit+, the next Generation :-)

Bernd Wuebben


Kedit 0.3.1, small editor for the KDE project.

Kedit is a small, simple and almost featureless :) editor, just like
the well-known Notepad. It is suitable only for small editing tasks, or
as a simple textfile browser.

Currently, kedit is in a very early development stage. It can load,
save/saveas files, and - of course - it can edit those files :) There is
some room for improvements, but I really want this editor to be small and

Kedit can open multiple windows (so you can edit multiple files), without
having multiple copies of the whole program in memory.


Version 0.3.1 (Martin Hartig,, 21.2.97)

- usage of the kdehelp browser, HTML help text added

Version 0.3 (Torben Weiss,, 4.2.97 )

- Drag and Drop added

- Added network access. Can load any file kfm can. To use this feature you
must run kfm. If none is running kedit will start one on demand.

- Can save files everywhere kfm can, this means right now that you can
write to ftp servers.

- Using libtdecore and libkfm. This means you need libkde-0.61 and
kfm-0.51 or greater installed

- Fixed some bugs

- Works with any amount of windows now

- Changed some key bindings, but not all

- You can call
make install

Implement search again (and maybe replace), including regexp
support. At the moment, only the search dialog has been implemented.

Clean up some stuff, make it more user-friendly(tm).

Keybindings: I'am sure, they are currently not kde-conform.

Use (a not existing) KFileDialog that lets you enter URLs