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// Scintilla source code edit control
/** @file PropSet.h
** A Java style properties file module.
// Copyright 1998-2002 by Neil Hodgson <>
// The License.txt file describes the conditions under which this software may be distributed.
#ifndef PROPSET_H
#define PROPSET_H
#include "SString.h"
bool EqualCaseInsensitive(const char *a, const char *b);
bool isprefix(const char *target, const char *prefix);
struct Property {
unsigned int hash;
char *key;
char *val;
Property *next;
Property() : hash(0), key(0), val(0), next(0) {}
class PropSet {
enum { hashRoots=31 };
Property *props[hashRoots];
Property *enumnext;
int enumhash;
static bool caseSensitiveFilenames;
static unsigned int HashString(const char *s, size_t len) {
unsigned int ret = 0;
while (len--) {
ret <<= 4;
ret ^= *s;
return ret;
static bool IncludesVar(const char *value, const char *key);
PropSet *superPS;
void Set(const char *key, const char *val, int lenKey=-1, int lenVal=-1);
void Set(const char *keyVal);
void Unset(const char *key, int lenKey=-1);
void SetMultiple(const char *s);
SString Get(const char *key);
SString GetExpanded(const char *key);
SString Expand(const char *withVars, int maxExpands=100);
int GetInt(const char *key, int defaultValue=0);
SString GetWild(const char *keybase, const char *filename);
SString GetNewExpand(const char *keybase, const char *filename="");
void Clear();
char *ToString(); // Caller must delete[] the return value
bool GetFirst(char **key, char **val);
bool GetNext(char **key, char **val);
static void SetCaseSensitiveFilenames(bool caseSensitiveFilenames_) {
caseSensitiveFilenames = caseSensitiveFilenames_;
// copy-value semantics not implemented
PropSet(const PropSet &copy);
void operator=(const PropSet &assign);
class WordList {
// Each word contains at least one character - a empty word acts as sentinel at the end.
char **words;
char **wordsNoCase;
char *list;
int len;
bool onlyLineEnds; ///< Delimited by any white space or only line ends
bool sorted;
bool sortedNoCase;
int starts[256];
WordList(bool onlyLineEnds_ = false) :
words(0), wordsNoCase(0), list(0), len(0), onlyLineEnds(onlyLineEnds_),
sorted(false), sortedNoCase(false) {}
~WordList() { Clear(); }
operator bool() { return len ? true : false; }
char *operator[](int ind) { return words[ind]; }
void Clear();
void Set(const char *s);
char *Allocate(int size);
void SetFromAllocated();
bool InList(const char *s);
bool InListAbbreviated(const char *s, const char marker);
const char *GetNearestWord(const char *wordStart, int searchLen,
bool ignoreCase = false, SString wordCharacters="", int wordIndex = -1);
char *GetNearestWords(const char *wordStart, int searchLen,
bool ignoreCase=false, char otherSeparator='\0', bool exactLen=false);
inline bool IsAlphabetic(unsigned int ch) {
return ((ch >= 'A') && (ch <= 'Z')) || ((ch >= 'a') && (ch <= 'z'));
#ifdef _MSC_VER
// Visual C++ doesn't like the private copy idiom for disabling
// the default copy constructor and operator=, but it's fine.
#pragma warning(disable: 4511 4512)