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v1.7 4th November 2006
- Merged Scintilla v1.71.
- Added support for triple clicking.
- Ctrl-D now duplicates the selection rather than the current line.
- The setSelectionBackgroundColor(), setMarkerBackgroundColor() and
setCaretLineBackgroundColor() methods of QextScintilla now respect the
alpha component of the background colour.
- Added defaultColor(), setDefaultColor(), defaultPaper() and
setDefaultPaper() to QextScintillaLexer.
- Added color(), paper(), setColor() and setPaper() to QextScintilla.
- Added cancelList(), isListActive(), showUserList() and userListActivated()
to QextScintilla.
- Added setWrapVisualFlags(), WrapMode::WrapCharacter and WrapVisualFlag to
- Added isCallTipActive(), firstVisibleLine(), lexer() and textHeight() to
- QextScintilla::foldAll() can now optionally fold all child fold points.
- Auto-completion lists can now be generated from the current document and
API files at the same time. Added autoCompletionFillupsEnabled(),
autoCompleteFromAll(), setAutoCompletionFillupsEnabled() and
setAutoCompletionStartCharacters() to QextScintilla.
- The QextScintillaLexerPython class now handles decorators.
- The QextScintillaLexerRuby class has significant and incompatible changes
to its configurable styles.
v1.6 30th August 2005
- Merged Scintilla v1.65.
- Added the QextScintillaLexerCSS, QextScintillaLexerDiff,
QextScintillaLexerMakefile, QextScintillaLexerPOV,
QextScintillaLexerProperties and QextScintillaLexerBatch classes.
- QextScintilla::findFirst() will now optionally not make the found text
- Added Brazilian Portuguese translations.
v1.5.1 6th March 2005
- Updated the German translations.
v1.5 19th February 2005
- Merged Scintilla v1.62.
- Added the QextScintillaLexerLua and QextScintillaLexerRuby classes.
- Added viewport() and startDrag() to QextScintillaBase.
v1.4 16th September 2004
- Merged Scintilla v1.61.
- Added the QextScintillaLexerBash class.
- Added insert(), edgeColor(), setEdgeColor(), edgeColumn(), setEdgeColumn(),
edgeMode(), setEdgeMode(), wrapMode(), setWrapMode(),
resetSelectionBackgroundColor() and resetSelectionForegroundColor() to
- Added clearKeys() and clearAlternateKeys() to QextScintillaCommandSet.
- Added French and Russian translations.
- Added the plugin for Qt Designer.
v1.3 9th May 2004
- Merged Scintilla v1.60.
- Added the QextScintillaDocument and QextScintillaLexerPerl classes.
- Added pool() to QextScintillaBase.
- Added document(), setDocument(), recolor(), setCaretForegroundColor(),
setCaretWidth(), setCaretLineVisible(), setCaretLineBackgroundColor(),
setSelectionForegroundColor() and setSelectionBackgroundColor() to
v1.2 16th August 2003
- Merged Scintilla v1.54.
v1.1 23rd May 2003
- Merged Scintilla v1.53.
- Added the QextScintillaLexerHTML and QextScintillaLexerSQL classes.
- By default the C++ lexer now folds preprocessor blocks (to match the
default SciTE properties file rather than the code).
- Added GlobalClass as a style of the C++ lexer (using keyword set 4).
- The WhiteSpace style in all existing lexers is now deprecated and Default
should be used instead.
- Added foldAtElse() and setFoldAtElse() to QextScintillaLexerCPP.
- Added modificationAttempted() to QextScintilla.
- Added SCN_MODIFYATTEMPTRO() to QextScintillaBase.
v1.0 26th April 2003
- Merged Scintilla v1.52.
- Added the QextScintillaAPIs, QextScintillaCommand, QextScintillaCommandSet,
QextScintillaMacro and QextScintillaPrinter classes.
- Added autoCompleteFromAPIs(), autoCompleteFromDocument(),
autoCompletionSource(), autoCompletionThreshold(), setAutoCompletionAPIs(),
setAutoCompletionFillups(), setAutoCompletionSource(),
setAutoCompletionThreshold(), callTip(), callTipsVisible(),
clearRegisteredImages(), registerImage(), setCallTipsAPIs(),
setCallTipsBackgroundColor(), setCallTipsVisible(), ensureCursorVisible(),
lineAt(), resetFoldMarginColors(), setFoldMarginColors(),
standardCommands() to QextScintilla.
- Added setDefaultFont() to QextScintillaLexer.
- QextScintilla::markerDefine() now takes a QPixmap rather than a string
encoded XPM image.
v0.3 11th December 2002
- Merged Scintilla v1.49.
- Added drag'n'drop support.
- Added the QextScintilla::markerDefine() overload that handles XPM pixmaps.
- Added support for different folding styles, brace matching, automatic
indentation, end-of-line characters and whitespace visibility to
- Completed the Unicode support.
- Added full i18n support and German translations.
v0.2 24th October 2002
- The beginnings of the documentation.
- It will now build under Windows.
- Added support for code folding, search & replace, zooming, undo/redo,
cut/copy/paste, indentation guides, margins, markers and the Python and C++
lexers to QextScintilla.
- Added support for wheel mice.
v0.1 18th September 2002
- The first release of the Qt port of Scintilla.