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* initial release.
* configurable text shadows.
* buttons animation support.
* buttons shift support.
* new theme managemnt tab which lets you install themes in a snap, even from the web.
* few other options in the config dialog.
* better masking, for how to use it properly look at the Bushido-Yellow-theme inside the tarball.
* new hue colorizing method, proposed by Azzali Matteo AKA mattepiu.
* if supplied transparent images deKorator will fill it with the style background color, this will allow some "powder" style windec, this idea was proposed by the autor of powder,Remi VillatelAKA Maxilys.
* support for title bar wheel mouse action as introduced in kde 3.5.1, patch supplied by Morten Johansson.
* global themes support, this feature allows rpms and debs builders to build themes packages as proposed by loki, deKorator will look for the global themes at $TDEDIR/share/apps/deKorator/themes.
* much more configureabilty when regarding to active and inactive decos and buttons.
* custom colors for buttons.
* new theme The K-style:Infinity-theme, done by Zoran Karavla, included in the tarball and shown in the screenshots.
* few other options in the config dialog.