Rename a number of libraries and executables to avoid conflicts with KDE4

Timothy Pearson 11 years ago
parent 0c08ed714f
commit c1612bb409

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2005-08-07 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* New settings GUI (wlassistant.h/.cpp, ui_main.ui).
* Droppen kconfigdialog.h dependancy.
* Droppen tdeconfigdialog.h dependancy.
* Fixed item height with the new settings GUI (netlistviewitem.h/.cpp).
2005-08-06 Pawel Nawrocki <>

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+rework the config gui - replace netList&statusBar with config options (use WidgetStack, 'Settings' toggle-button).
+ gui for 'Quit upon successful connection'
+ gui for "Enable All Messages" option (KMessageBox::enableAllMessages()) ToolTip/WhatsThis: "Enable all messages which have been turned off with the 'Don't Show Again' feature."
+drop 'kconfigdialog.h' dependancy.
+drop 'tdeconfigdialog.h' dependancy.
+remvoe showCfgDlg()
+reimplement 'close()' to save settings on quit.
+add timeout to dhclient & dhcpcd (not command line args), GUI

@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
#ifndef WACONFIG_H
#define WACONFIG_H
#include <kconfigskeleton.h>
#include <tdeconfigskeleton.h>
class WAConfig : public TDEConfigSkeleton