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2019-03-03 15-01-12 Petr Písař <> Limit lenght to INT_MAX bytes in rfbProcessFileTransferReadBuffer() This ammends 15bb719c03cc70f14c36a843dcb16ed69b405707 fix for a heap out-of-bound write access in rfbProcessFileTransferReadBuffer() when reading a transfered file content in a server. The former fix did not work on platforms with a 32-bit int type (expected by rfbReadExact()). CVE-2018-15127 <> <> (cherry picked from commit 09e8fc02f59f16e2583b34fe1a270c238bd9ffec)
2019-02-06 16-05-21 Slávek Banko <> Fix path added to CMAKE_MODULE_PATH. Signed-off-by: Slávek Banko <>
2019-02-06 16-04-43 Slávek Banko <> Disable support for systemd socket activation. We do not want any direct dependence on the systemd. Signed-off-by: Slávek Banko <>
2019-02-06 15-56-55 Slávek Banko <> Merge tag 'LibVNCServer-0.9.12' Signed-off-by: Slávek Banko <>
2019-01-06 19-09-30 Christian Beier <> Update ChangeLog
2019-01-06 18-34-04 Christian Beier <> Move pipe_notify_client_thread to end of rfbClientRec in order to retain ABI compatibility.
2019-01-06 18-30-16 Christian Beier <> Fix comment style and be a bit more verbose ... explaining cedae6e6f97b14f5df3ea7c5f7efd59f2bc9ad82.
2019-01-06 18-16-02 Christian Beier <> Merge pull request #238 from tetrane/pr-fix-use-after-free Fix use-after-free and concurrent access segmentation fault
2019-01-06 15-41-56 Christian Beier <> NEWS: update for 0.9.12 re #256
2019-01-06 14-32-26 Christian Beier <> CMake: require stdint.h This is used at quite a few places in the code, so make it mandatory.


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