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# translation of amarok.po to Northern Saami
# Børre Gaup <>, 2006, 2007.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: amarok\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2008-07-08 01:26+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2007-08-04 06:01+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Børre Gaup <>\n"
"Language-Team: Northern Saami <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: KBabel 1.11.4\n"
#: playlistitem.cpp:960
msgid "Writing tag..."
msgstr "Čállimin gilkora …"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:4042 collectiondb.cpp:2157 collectiondb.cpp:2222
#: collectiondb.cpp:7041 collectiondb.cpp:7131 collectiondb.cpp:7181
#: covermanager.cpp:132 covermanager.cpp:439 covermanager.cpp:942
#: database_refactor/collectiondb.cpp:1120
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadevice.cpp:541
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:167
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1662
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1672
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2038
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2092
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:554 metabundle.cpp:626
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:20 statistics.cpp:466
msgid "Various Artists"
msgstr "Máŋga artistta"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:258
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:261
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:68 organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:71
msgid "%1 or %2"
msgstr "%1 dahje %2"
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:68
msgid ""
"_: This feature only works with \"The\", so either don't translate it at all, "
"or only translate artist and album\n"
"Album Artist, The"
msgstr "Skearru artista, The"
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:68 organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:69
msgid "The Album Artist"
msgstr "The Skearru artista"
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:70 organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:71
msgid "The Artist"
msgstr "Artista"
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:71
msgid ""
"_: This feature only works with \"The\", so either don't translate it at all, "
"or only translate Artist\n"
"Artist, The"
msgstr "Artista, The"
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:72
msgid "Collection Base Folder"
msgstr "Čoahkkádusmáhppa"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:262
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:73
msgid "Artist's Initial"
msgstr "Artistta ovdabustávaid"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:263
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:74
msgid "File Extension of Source"
msgstr "Gáldu fiilanammageažus"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:264
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:75
msgid "Track Number"
msgstr "Bihttanummir"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:266
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:77
msgid "<h3>Custom Format String</h3>"
msgstr "<h3>Iešmearriduvvon formáhttastreaŋga</h3>"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:267
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:78
msgid "You can use the following tokens:"
msgstr "Sáhtát dáid mearkkaid geavahit:"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:277
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:88
msgid ""
"If you surround sections of text that contain a token with curly-braces, that "
"section will be hidden if the token is empty."
msgstr ""
"Jus bijat roahkeruođuid teavstta birra mas lea symbola, de čihkejuvvo teaksta "
"jus symbola lea guorus."
#. i18n: file ./organizecollectiondialog.ui line 224
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadeviceconfigdialog.ui.h:308
#: organizecollectiondialog.ui.h:216 rc.cpp:943
#, no-c-format
msgid "(Help)"
msgstr "(Veahkki)"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:1125 collectionbrowser.cpp:1137
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:3969 collectionbrowser.cpp:3980
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:4273 collectiondb.cpp:2387 collectiondb.cpp:2406
#: collectiondb.cpp:2424 collectiondb.cpp:2445 collectiondb.cpp:2463
#: collectiondb.cpp:7026 collectiondb.cpp:7082 collectiondb.cpp:7116
#: collectiondb.cpp:7165 collectiondb.cpp:7219 collectiondb.cpp:7248
#: collectiondb.cpp:7300 collectiondb.cpp:7338 collectiondb.cpp:7366
#: contextbrowser.cpp:1409 contextbrowser.cpp:1444 contextbrowser.cpp:1647
#: contextbrowser.cpp:1693 contextbrowser.cpp:2688 contextbrowser.cpp:2717
#: contextbrowser.cpp:2723 contextbrowser.cpp:2851 contextbrowser.cpp:2879
#: contextbrowser.cpp:2884 covermanager.cpp:413 covermanager.cpp:432
#: database_refactor/collectiondb.cpp:976
#: database_refactor/collectiondb.cpp:993
#: database_refactor/collectiondb.cpp:1010
#: database_refactor/collectiondb.cpp:1027
#: database_refactor/dbenginebase.cpp:199
#: database_refactor/dbenginebase.cpp:221
#: database_refactor/dbenginebase.cpp:247
#: database_refactor/dbenginebase.cpp:293 engine/nmm/HostListItem.cpp:55
#: engine/nmm/HostListItem.cpp:57 engine/nmm/HostListItem.cpp:155
#: mediabrowser.cpp:2800 mediabrowser.cpp:2801 statistics.cpp:348
#: statistics.cpp:349 statistics.cpp:382 statistics.cpp:383 statistics.cpp:417
#: statistics.cpp:450 statistics.cpp:465 statistics.cpp:467 statistics.cpp:504
#: statistics.cpp:532 statistics.cpp:545 statistics.cpp:546 tagdialog.cpp:560
#: tagdialog.cpp:587
msgid "Unknown"
msgstr "Amas"
#: ktrm.cpp:737
msgid "MusicBrainz Lookup"
msgstr "MusicBrainz-ohcan"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:40
msgid "Configure Media Device"
msgstr "Heivet mediaovttadaga"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:64
msgid "Pre-&connect command:"
msgstr "Ovda-čatnan&gohččun:"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:66
#, c-format
msgid "Example: mount %d"
msgstr "Ovdamearka: mount %d"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:68
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Set a command to be run before connecting to your device (e.g. a mount command) "
"%d is replaced by the device node, %m by the mount point.\n"
"Empty commands are not executed."
msgstr ""
"Čális dása gohččuma maid vuodjá ovdalgo laktá du ovttadahkii (omd. "
"čadnangohččun) dása.\n"
"%d buhttejuvvo ovttadatnodain, %m čadnanbáikkiin.\n"
"Guorus gohččumat eai vuojejuvvo."
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:71
msgid "Post-&disconnect command:"
msgstr "Maŋŋá-čatnan&gohččun:"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:74
#, c-format
msgid "Example: eject %d"
msgstr "Ovdamearka: eject %d"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:75
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Set a command to be run after disconnecting from your device (e.g. an eject "
"command) here.\n"
"%d is replaced by the device node, %m by the mount point.\n"
"Empty commands are not executed."
msgstr ""
"Čális dása gohččuma maid vuodjá maŋŋágo laktá du ovttadahkii (omd. "
"čadnangohččun) dása.\n"
"%d buhttejuvvo ovttadatnodain, %m čadnanbáikkiin.\n"
"Guorus gohččumat eai vuojejuvvo."
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:79
msgid "&Transcode before transferring to device"
msgstr "&Transkode ovdalgo sáddejuvvo ovttadahkii"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:86
msgid "Transcode to preferred format (%1) for device"
msgstr "Transkode ovttadaga oidojuvvon formáhttii (%1)"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:88
msgid "Whenever possible"
msgstr "Go lea vejolaš"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:91
msgid "When necessary"
msgstr "Go lea dárbu"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:98
msgid "Remove transcoded files after transfer"
msgstr "Váldde eret transkodejuvvon fiillaid maŋŋá sirdima"
#: deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:106 deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:107
msgid "For this feature, a script of type \"Transcode\" has to be running"
msgstr "Jus dát galgá doaibmat, de ferte skripta «Transcode» leat jođus"
#: tracktooltip.cpp:266
msgid "Amarok - rediscover your music"
msgstr "Amarok áicca iežat musihkka fas"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:166
msgid "New..."
msgstr "Ođđa …"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:167
msgid "Import Existing..."
msgstr "Sisafievrrit leamen …"
#: app.cpp:636 app.cpp:1070 app.cpp:1089 playlistbrowser.cpp:171
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:858
msgid "Playlist"
msgstr "Čuojahanlistu"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:172
msgid "Smart Playlist..."
msgstr "Jierpmás čuojahanlistu …"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:173
msgid "Dynamic Playlist..."
msgstr "Dynámalaš čuojahanlistu …"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:174
msgid "Radio Stream..."
msgstr "Radiogáldu …"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:175
msgid "Podcast..."
msgstr "Podcast …"
#: mediadevice/generic/genericmediadevice.cpp:953
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:656
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:2338
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1305 playlistbrowser.cpp:178
msgid "Rename"
msgstr "Rievdat nama"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:256 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:294
#: playlistselection.cpp:132
msgid "Random Mix"
msgstr "Sáhtedohko seagaheapmi"
#: contextbrowser.cpp:2442 playlistbrowser.cpp:262 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:294
#: playlistselection.cpp:136
msgid "Suggested Songs"
msgstr "Evttohuvvon bihtát"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:407 playlistbrowser.cpp:413 playlistbrowser.cpp:417
msgid "Radio Streams"
msgstr "Radiogáldut"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:445
msgid "Cool-Streams"
msgstr "Cool-gáldut"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:465 playlistbrowser.cpp:484
msgid "Radio Stream"
msgstr "Radiogáldu"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:466
msgid "Add Radio Stream"
msgstr "Lasit radiogáldu"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:484
msgid "Edit Radio Stream"
msgstr "Doaimmat radiogáldu"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:537 playlistbrowser.cpp:542 playlistbrowser.cpp:583
msgid " Radio"
msgstr " radio"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:553
msgid "Global Tags"
msgstr "Globála gilkorat"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:566 playlistwindow.cpp:178 playlistwindow.cpp:185
msgid "Neighbor Radio"
msgstr "Gránnjárádio"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:572 playlistwindow.cpp:177 playlistwindow.cpp:184
msgid "Personal Radio"
msgstr "Peršuvnnalaš radio"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:576
msgid "Loved Radio"
msgstr "Ráhkistuvvon radio"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:584
msgid "Add Radio"
msgstr "Lasit radio"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:667
msgid ""
"A Smart Playlist named \"%1\" already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?"
msgstr ""
"Jierpmás čuojahanlistu nammaduvvon «%1» gávdno juo. Háliidatgo dan buhttet?"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:668 playlistbrowser.cpp:3099
msgid "Overwrite Playlist?"
msgstr "Buhtte čuojahanlisttu?"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:668 playlistbrowser.cpp:3099
msgid "Overwrite"
msgstr "Buhtte"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:698 playlistbrowser.cpp:707 playlistbrowser.cpp:713
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:720
msgid "Smart Playlists"
msgstr "Jierpmás čuojahanlisttut"
#: configdialog.cpp:182 playlistbrowser.cpp:789 playlistwindow.cpp:452
msgid "Collection"
msgstr "Čoahkkádus"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:798
msgid "All Collection"
msgstr "Olles čoahkkádus"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:805 statistics.cpp:225
msgid "Favorite Tracks"
msgstr "Favorihttabihtát"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:816 playlistbrowser.cpp:836 playlistbrowser.cpp:856
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3099 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3109
#, c-format
msgid "By %1"
msgstr "%1 lea ráhkadan dán"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:825
msgid "Most Played"
msgstr "Eanemus čuojahuvvon"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:845
msgid "Newest Tracks"
msgstr "Ođđamus bihtát"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:865
msgid "Last Played"
msgstr "Maŋemuš čuojahuvvon"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:875
msgid "Never Played"
msgstr "Ii goassege čuojahuvvon"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:886
msgid "Ever Played"
msgstr "Čuojahuvvon"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:890
msgid "Genres"
msgstr "Šáŋrat"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:902 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3089
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3119 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3129
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3139
#, c-format
msgid "%1"
msgstr "%1"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:910
msgid "50 Random Tracks"
msgstr "50 sáhtedohko bihtát"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:984 playlistbrowser.cpp:992 playlistbrowser.cpp:999
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1004
msgid "Dynamic Playlists"
msgstr "Dynámalaš čuojahanlisttut"
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1427 playlistbrowser.cpp:1123
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1146
msgid "Podcasts"
msgstr "Podcasttat"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1292
msgid "Add Podcast"
msgstr "Lasit podcast:a"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1292
msgid "Enter Podcast URL:"
msgstr "Čális podcasta čujuhusa:"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1313
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"_: Podcasts contained in %1\n"
"All in %1"
msgstr ""
"Podkásttat mat let %1:s\n"
"Buot mii lea %1:s"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1331
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 Podcast\n"
"%n Podcasts"
msgstr ""
"Okta podkasta\n"
"%n podkasta"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1436
msgid "Already subscribed to feed %1 as %2"
msgstr "Leat juo diŋgomin %1 nugo %2"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1462
msgid "Download Interval"
msgstr "Viežžangaskkadat"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1463
msgid "Scan interval (hours):"
msgstr "Ohcangaskkadat (diimmut):"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1501
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: "
"<p>You have selected 1 podcast episode to be <b>irreversibly</b> deleted. \n"
"<p>You have selected %n podcast episodes to be <b>irreversibly</b> deleted. "
msgstr ""
"<p>Leat sihkkumin ovtta podkásta <b>agibeaivái</b> \n"
"<p>Leat sihkkumin %n podkástta <b>agibeaivái</b>. "
#: mediadevice/ipod/ipodmediadevice.cpp:1422
#: mediadevice/mtp/mtpmediadevice.cpp:1160 playlistbrowser.cpp:1614
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1621 playlistbrowser.cpp:1625 playlistbrowser.cpp:2559
#: playlistwindow.cpp:454
msgid "Playlists"
msgstr "Čuojahanlisttut"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1748 playlistbrowser.cpp:1755
msgid "Imported"
msgstr "Sisafievrriduvvon"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1788
msgid "Cannot write playlist (%1)."
msgstr "Ii sáhte čállit čuojahanlisttu (%1)."
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1839
msgid "Playlist Files"
msgstr "Čuojahanlistofiillat"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:1839
msgid "Import Playlists"
msgstr "Sisafievrrit čuojahanlisttuid"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2202
msgid "<p>You have selected:<ul>"
msgstr "<p>Don leat merken:<ul>"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2204
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 playlist\n"
"%n playlists"
msgstr ""
"Ovtta čuojahanlistu\n"
"%n čuojahanlisttu"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2206
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 smart playlist\n"
"%n smart playlists"
msgstr ""
"Ovtta jierpmás čuojahanlistu\n"
"%n jierpmás čuojahanlisttu"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2208
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 dynamic playlist\n"
"%n dynamic playlists"
msgstr ""
"Ovtta dynámalaš čuojahanlisttu\n"
"%n dynámalaš čuojahanlisttu"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2210
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 stream\n"
"%n streams"
msgstr ""
"Ovtta gáldo\n"
"%n gáldo"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2212
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 podcast\n"
"%n podcasts"
msgstr ""
"Ovtta podkásta\n"
"%n podkástta"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2214
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 folder\n"
"%n folders"
msgstr ""
"Ovtta máhppa\n"
"%n máhpa"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2216
#, c-format
msgid ""
"_n: 1 stream\n"
"%n streams"
msgstr ""
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2218
msgid "</ul><br>to be <b>irreversibly</b> deleted.</p>"
msgstr "</ul><br>sihkkojuvvo <b>agibeaivái.</b></p>"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:2221
msgid "<br><p>All downloaded podcast episodes will also be deleted.</p>"
msgstr "<br><p>Buot vižžojuvvon podkásttat maiddái sihkkojuvvu.</p>"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3056 playlistbrowser.cpp:3058
msgid "%1 (%2)"
msgstr "%1 (%2)"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3070
msgid "Save Playlist"
msgstr "Vurke čuojahanlisttu"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3071
msgid "Save to location..."
msgstr "Vurke dihto báikái …"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3075
msgid "&Enter a name for the playlist:"
msgstr "Čális čuojahanlisttu &nama:"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3098
msgid "A playlist named \"%1\" already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?"
msgstr "Čuojahanlistu nammaduvvon «%1» gávdno juo. Háliidatgo dan buhttet?"
#: playlistbrowser.cpp:3144
msgid "&Show Extended Info"
msgstr "Čájet &lassedieđuid"
#: coverfetcher.cpp:256 refreshimages.cpp:78 refreshimages.cpp:132
msgid "There was an error communicating with Amazon."
msgstr "Šattai meattáhus gulahalladettiin Amazon:ain."
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:30
msgid "Edit Filter"
msgstr "Doaimmat silli"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:36
msgid "&Append"
msgstr "&Lasit lohppii"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:37
msgid ""
"<p>By clicking here you can add the defined condition. The \"OK\" button will "
"close the dialog and apply the defined filter. With this button you can add "
"more than one condition to create a more complex filtering condition.</p></qt>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Jus coahkkalat dáppe de sáhtát lasihit meroštuvvon eavttu. \"OK\" boallu "
"gidde láseža ja bidja meroštuvvon silli atnui. Dáinna boaluin sáhtát lasihit "
"eanet go ovtta eavttu jus áiggut ráhkadit silleneavttu mii lea dárkileabbut.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:40
msgid "Add this filter condition to the list"
msgstr "Lasit dán silleneavttu listui"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:44
msgid "&Clear"
msgstr "&Sálke"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:45
msgid ""
"<p>By clicking here you will clear the filter. If you intend to undo the last "
"appending just click on the \"Undo\" button.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Jus coahkkalat dáppe de sálket silli. Jus báicce háliidat máŋemuš lávkki "
"gáhtat, coahkkal dušše \"Máhcat\" boalu.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:47
msgid "Clear the filter"
msgstr "Sálke silli"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:52
msgid ""
"_: this \"undo\" will undo the last appended filter... be careful how you will "
"translate it to avoid two buttons (\"Cancel\" and \"Undo\") with same label in "
"the same dialog\n"
msgstr "&Máhcat"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:53
msgid ""
"<p>Clicking here will remove the last appended filter. You cannot undo more "
"than one action.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Jus coahkkalat dán boalu de válddát eret silli mii maŋemuš lasihuvvui. "
"Sáhtát máhcahit eanet go ovtta doaimma.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:55
msgid "Remove last appended filter"
msgstr "Váldde eret maŋemuš lasihuvvon silli"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:66
msgid ""
"<p>Edit the filter for finding tracks with specific attributes, e.g. you can "
"look for a track that has a length of three minutes.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Doaimmat silli vai gávnnat lávlagat mas leat dihto attribuhtat, omd sáhtát "
"ohcat lávlagiid mat bistet golmma minuhta.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:73
msgid "Attribute:"
msgstr "Attribuhtta:"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:76
msgid ""
"_: you can translate the keyword as you will do for the combobox\n"
"<p>Here you can choose to <i>Simple Search</i> directly or to use some keywords "
"to specify some attributes, such as the artist name and so on. The keywords "
"selectable are divided by their specific value. Some keywords are numeric and "
"others are alphanumeric. You do not need to know it directly. When a keyword is "
"numeric it will be used to search the numeric data for each track.</p>"
"<p>The alphanumeric keywords are the following: <b>album</b>, <b>artist</b>, <b>"
"filename</b> (including path), <b>mountpoint</b> (e.g. /home/user1), <b>"
"filetype</b> (you can specify mp3, ogg, flac, ... and the file extensions will "
"be matched), <b>genre</b>, <b>comment</b>, <b>composer</b>, <b>directory</b>"
", <b>lyrics</b>, <b>title</b>, and <b>label</b>.</p>"
"<p>The numeric keywords are: <b>bitrate</b>, <b>disc/discnumber</b>, <b>"
"length</b> (expressed in seconds), <b>playcount</b>, <b>rating</b>, <b>"
"samplerate</b>, <b>score</b>, <b>size/filesize</b> (expressed in bytes, kbytes, "
"and megabytes as specified in the unit for the filesize keyword), <b>track</b> "
"(i.e. the track number), and <b>year</b>.</p>"
msgstr ""
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:95
msgid "Select an attribute for the filter"
msgstr "Vállje attribuhta sillái"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:98
msgid "Simple Search"
msgstr "Oktageardánis ohcan"
#. i18n: file ./trackpickerdialogbase.ui line 114
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:205 collectionbrowser.cpp:206
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2748 collectionbrowser.cpp:2751
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2783 contextbrowser.cpp:969 editfilterdialog.cpp:117
#: mediadevice/ifp/ifpmediadevice.cpp:401 metabundle.cpp:133
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3114 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3346 rc.cpp:44
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174
#: transferdialog.cpp:78
#, no-c-format
msgid "Album"
msgstr "Skearru"
#. i18n: file ./trackpickerdialogbase.ui line 103
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:203 collectionbrowser.cpp:205
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2754 collectionbrowser.cpp:2782
#: contextbrowser.cpp:299 contextbrowser.cpp:961 editfilterdialog.cpp:119
#: metabundle.cpp:129 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3094
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3342 rc.cpp:41 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174 transferdialog.cpp:77
#, no-c-format
msgid "Artist"
msgstr "Artista"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2799 editfilterdialog.cpp:121 metabundle.cpp:142
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:164 tagdialog.cpp:675
msgid "Bitrate"
msgstr "Bitrate"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2801 editfilterdialog.cpp:123 metabundle.cpp:136
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:164
msgid "BPM"
msgstr "BPM"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2790 editfilterdialog.cpp:125 metabundle.cpp:138
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:161
msgid "Comment"
msgstr "Kommeanta"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2757 collectionbrowser.cpp:2791
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:127 metabundle.cpp:131 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3104
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3344 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174
msgid "Composer"
msgstr "Komponista"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:129 metabundle.cpp:139
msgid "Directory"
msgstr "Máhppa"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2787 editfilterdialog.cpp:131 metabundle.cpp:134
msgid "Disc Number"
msgstr "Skearronummir"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2795 editfilterdialog.cpp:133 metabundle.cpp:127
msgid "Filename"
msgstr "Fiilanamma"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:135 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:164
msgid "Mount Point"
msgstr "Čatnanbáiki"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:137
msgid "Filetype"
msgstr "Fiilašládja"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2761 collectionbrowser.cpp:2784
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:139 metabundle.cpp:137 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3084
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3340 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174 transferdialog.cpp:79
msgid "Genre"
msgstr "Šáŋra"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2786 editfilterdialog.cpp:141 metabundle.cpp:141
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:860 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160 tagdialog.cpp:674
msgid "Length"
msgstr "Guhkkodat"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2768 contextbrowser.cpp:3785 editfilterdialog.cpp:143
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3134 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3350
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:164 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174
msgid "Label"
msgstr "Skearrofitnodat"
#: contextbrowser.cpp:298 contextbrowser.cpp:3311 contextbrowser.cpp:3458
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:145 scriptmanager.cpp:161 tagdialog.cpp:385
msgid "Lyrics"
msgstr "Teavsttat"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:147 metabundle.cpp:146
msgid "Play Count"
msgstr "Galle geardde čuojahuvvon"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2794 editfilterdialog.cpp:151 metabundle.cpp:145
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:162 tagdialog.cpp:684
msgid "Rating"
msgstr "Árvosátni"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:154 metabundle.cpp:143
msgid "Sample Rate"
msgstr "Samplerate"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2793 editfilterdialog.cpp:158 metabundle.cpp:144
#: scriptmanager.cpp:162 scriptmanager.cpp:833 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:162
#: tagdialog.cpp:682
msgid "Score"
msgstr "Čuoggát"
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2800 editfilterdialog.cpp:161 metabundle.cpp:149
msgid "File Size"
msgstr "Fiilasturrodat"
#. i18n: file ./trackpickerdialogbase.ui line 92
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2785 editfilterdialog.cpp:163 metabundle.cpp:128
#: rc.cpp:38 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:160
#, no-c-format
msgid "Title"
msgstr "Namahus"
#. i18n: file ./trackpickerdialogbase.ui line 125
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2788 contextbrowser.cpp:947 editfilterdialog.cpp:165
#: metabundle.cpp:135 rc.cpp:47
#, no-c-format
msgid "Track"
msgstr "Bihttá"
#. i18n: file ./trackpickerdialogbase.ui line 136
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:205 collectionbrowser.cpp:2751
#: collectionbrowser.cpp:2765 collectionbrowser.cpp:2789
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:167 metabundle.cpp:132 playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3124
#: playlistbrowseritem.cpp:3348 rc.cpp:50 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:161
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:174 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:894
#, no-c-format
msgid "Year"
msgstr "Jahki"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:177
msgid "<p>Type the attribute value or the text to look for here.</p>"
msgstr "<p>Čális attribuhta dahje teavstta maid ozat dása.</p>"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:185
msgid "Attribute value is"
msgstr "Attribuhta árvu lea"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:195
msgid "smaller than"
msgstr "lea unnit go"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:196
msgid "larger than"
msgstr "lea stuoribut go"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:197
msgid "equal to"
msgstr "ovttamađu"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:198
msgid "between"
msgstr "lea gaska"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:212 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:907
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:929 smartplaylisteditor.cpp:957
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:976
msgid "and"
msgstr "ja"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:227
msgid "Unit:"
msgstr "Ovttadat:"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:232
msgid "B (1 Byte)"
msgstr "B (1 stávval)"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:233
msgid "KB (1024 Bytes)"
msgstr "KB (1024 stávvala)"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:234
msgid "MB (1024 KB)"
msgstr "MB (1024 KB)"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:251
msgid "Filter action"
msgstr "Sillendoaibma"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:256
msgid "Match all words"
msgstr "Deaivva buot sániid"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:258
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box to look for the tracks that contain all the words you typed "
"in the related Simple Search edit box</p>"
msgstr ""
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:262
msgid "Match any word"
msgstr "Deaivva makkár sáni"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:264
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box to look for the tracks that contain at least one of the words "
"you typed in the related Simple Search edit box</p>"
msgstr ""
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:268
msgid "Exact match"
msgstr ""
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:270
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box to look for all the tracks that contain exactly the words you "
"typed in the related Simple Search edit box</p>"
msgstr ""
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:274
msgid "Exclude"
msgstr ""
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:276
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box to look for all the tracks that do not contain the words you "
"typed in the related Simple Search edit box</p>"
msgstr ""
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:299
msgid "Appending condition"
msgstr "Lasiheamen eavttu"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:304
msgid ""
"_: AND logic condition\n"
msgstr "JA "
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:306
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box if you want to add another condition and you want that the "
"filter to match both the previous conditions and this new one</p>"
msgstr ""
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:310
msgid ""
"_: OR logic condition\n"
msgstr "DAHJE"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:312
msgid ""
"<p>Check this box if you want to add another condition and you want that the "
"filter to match either the previous conditions or this new one</p>"
msgstr ""
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:318
msgid "Invert condition"
msgstr "Jorgalahte eavttu"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:320
msgid "Check this box to negate the defined filter condition"
msgstr ""
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:322
msgid ""
"<p>If this option is checked the defined filter condition will be negated. This "
"means that, for example, you can define a filter that looks for all tracks that "
"are not of a specific album, artist, and so on.</p>"
msgstr ""
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:466 editfilterdialog.cpp:469
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:984
msgid "Seconds"
msgstr "Sekundda"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:512 editfilterdialog.cpp:513
#: smartplaylisteditor.cpp:985
msgid "Minutes"
msgstr "Minuhta"
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:684
msgid ""
"<p>Sorry but the filter rule cannot be set. The text field is empty. Please "
"type something into it and retry.</p>"
msgstr ""
#: editfilterdialog.cpp:685
msgid "Empty Text Field"
msgstr "Guorus teakstagieddi"
#: enginecontroller.cpp:122
msgid "Sorry, the '%1' could not be loaded, instead we have loaded the '%2'."
msgstr ""
"Ándagássii, ii lean vejolaš viežžat «%1«, dan sajis lea «%2» vižžojuvvon."
#: enginecontroller.cpp:193
msgid ""
"<p>Amarok could not find any sound-engine plugins. Amarok is now updating the "
"KDE configuration database. Please wait a couple of minutes, then restart "
"<p>If this does not help, it is likely that Amarok is installed under the wrong "
"prefix, please fix your installation using:"
"<pre>$ cd /path/to/amarok/source-code/"
"<br>$ su -c \"make uninstall\""
"<br>$ ./configure --prefix=`kde-config --prefix` && su -c \"make install\""
"<br>$ kbuildsycoca"
"<br>$ amarok</pre>More information can be found in the README file. For further "
"assistance join us at #amarok on</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Ii gávdnan jietnamohtor-lassemoduvllaid. Amarok ođasmáhttá dál KDE-heivehus "
"diehtovuođu. Vuorddes moadde minuhta, ja álggat Amarok ođđasit.</p> "
"<p>Jus dát ii ábut, de árvideames Amarok lea sajáiduhtton boasto prefiksii. Dán "
"sáhtát divvut dán láhkái: "
"<pre> $ cd /amarok/gáldokoda/čujuhus/"
"<br>$ su -c \"make uninstall\" "
"<br>$ ./configure --prefix=`kde-config --prefix` && su -c \"make install\" "
"<br>$ kbuildsycoca "
"<br>$ amarok</pre> Gávnnat eanet dieđuid «README»-fiillas. Sáhtát maid oažžut "
"veahki IRC-kanálas #amarok</p>"
#: enginecontroller.cpp:264
msgid ""
"<p>The %1 claims it <b>cannot</b> play MP3 files."
"<p>You may want to choose a different engine from the <i>Configure Dialog</i>"
", or examine the installation of the multimedia-framework that the current "
"engine uses. "
"<p>You may find useful information in the <i>FAQ</i> section of the <i>"
"Amarok HandBook</i>."
msgstr ""
"<p>%1 čuoččuha ahte <b>ii</b> sáhtte čuojahit MP3-fiillaid.</p> "
"<p>Don berret válljet eará mohtora <i>Heivehuslásežis</i>"
", dahje iskka jus multimediavuogádaga maid mohtora geavaha lea sajáiduhtton "
"rievttesláhkái.</p> "
"<p>Gávnnat ávkkálaš dieđuid <i>Jearaldagat ja vástadusat</i> oasis <i>"
#: enginecontroller.cpp:280
#, fuzzy
msgid "Install MP3 Support"
msgstr "Ii leat MP3-doarjja"
#: enginecontroller.cpp:282
msgid "Amarok currently cannot play MP3 files."
msgstr "Amarok ii sáhte dál čuojahit MP3-fiillaid."
#: enginecontroller.cpp:283
msgid "No MP3 Support"
msgstr "Ii leat MP3-doarjja"
#: enginecontroller.cpp:380 playlist.cpp:1627
msgid "Local file does not exist."
msgstr "Báikkálaš fiila ii gávdno."
#: enginecontroller.cpp:387
msgid "Starting CD Audio track..."
msgstr "Álggaheamen CD-jietnabihtá …"
#: enginecontroller.cpp:389
msgid "Connecting to stream source..."
msgstr "Laktašeamen gáldui …"
#: playlistwindow.cpp:149 scriptmanager.cpp:147
msgid "Script Manager"
msgstr "Skriptagieđahalli"
#. i18n: file ./Options1.ui line 24
#: configdialog.cpp:175 rc.cpp:1081 scriptmanager.cpp:160
#, no-c-format
msgid "General"
msgstr "Oppalaš"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:163
msgid "Transcoding"
msgstr "Rievdat formáhta"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:335
msgid ""
"No score scripts were found, or none of them worked. Automatic scoring will be "
"disabled. Sorry."
msgstr ""
"Ii oktage čuokkisskripta gávdnon, dahje ii oktage doaibman. Automáhtalaš "
"čuoggáaddin ii doaimma. Ándagássii."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:419
msgid ""
"Script Packages (*.amarokscript.tar, *.amarokscript.tar.bz2, "
msgstr ""
"Skriptapáhkat (*.amarokscript.tar, *.amarokscript.tar.bz2, "
#: scriptmanager.cpp:421
msgid "Select Script Package"
msgstr "Vállje skriptapáhka"
#: Options2.ui.h:53 Options2.ui.h:92 scriptmanager.cpp:427
msgid "Could not read this package."
msgstr "Ii sáhttán lohkat dán páhka."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:437
msgid ""
"A script with the name '%1' is already installed. Please uninstall it first."
msgstr "Skripta nammaduvvon «%1» gávdno juo. Válddes dan vuos eret."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:447
msgid "Script successfully installed."
msgstr "Lihkkostuvvai sajáiduhttit skripta."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:451
msgid ""
"<p>Script installation failed.</p>"
"<p>The package did not contain an executable file. Please inform the package "
"maintainer about this error.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Skriptasajáiduhttin filtii.</p>"
"<p>Páhkas ii leat vuojehahtti fiila. Dieđihastte páhkkagieđahallái dán "
"meattáhusa birra.</p>"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:515
msgid "Are you sure you want to uninstall the script '%1'?"
msgstr "Háliidatgo duođas váldit eret skripta «%1»?"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:515
msgid "Uninstall Script"
msgstr "Váldde eret skripta"
#: Options2.ui.h:141 scriptmanager.cpp:515
msgid "Uninstall"
msgstr "Váldde eret"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:541
msgid ""
"<p>Could not uninstall this script.</p>"
"<p>The ScriptManager can only uninstall scripts which have been installed as "
msgstr ""
"<p>Ii sáhttán váldit skripta eret.</p> "
"<p>Sáhtát dušše váldit eret skriptaid mat leat sajáiduhtton páhkkan.</p>"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:575
msgid ""
"Another lyrics script is already running. You may only run one lyrics script at "
"a time."
msgstr ""
"Eará teakstaskripta lea juo jođus. Sáhtát vuodjit dušše ovtta teakstaskripta "
#: scriptmanager.cpp:582
msgid ""
"Another transcode script is already running. You may only run one transcode "
"script at a time."
msgstr ""
"Eará transkodenskripta lea juo jođus. Sáhtát vuodjit dušše ovtta "
"transkodenskripta hávis."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:612
msgid ""
"<p>Could not start the script <i>%1</i>.</p>"
"<p>Please make sure that the file has execute (+x) permissions.</p>"
msgstr ""
"<p>Ii sáhttán vuodjit skripta <i>%1</i>.</p>"
"<p>Dárkkis ahte fiillas lea vuodjin (+x) vuoigatvuohta.</p>"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:669
msgid "There is no information available for this script."
msgstr "Eai gávdno dieđut dán skriptii."
#: scriptmanager.cpp:677
#, c-format
msgid "About %1"
msgstr "%1 dieđut"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:681
msgid "%1 Amarok Script"
msgstr "%1 Amarok-skripta"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:685
msgid "License"
msgstr "Liseansa"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:710
msgid "Debugging"
msgstr "Vihkeohcan"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:711
msgid "Show Output &Log"
msgstr "Čájet &olggosčoalu"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:729
#, c-format
msgid "Output Log for %1"
msgstr "Olggosčoalu %1 várás"
#: scriptmanager.cpp:782
msgid "The script '%1' exited with error code: %2"
msgstr "Skripta «%1» heittii meattáhuskodain: %2"
#: playlistloader.cpp:93
msgid "Populating playlist"
msgstr "Dievdimin čuojahanlisttu"
#: playlistloader.cpp:97
msgid "Preparing"
msgstr "Ráhkkaneamen"
#: playlistloader.cpp:322
msgid "These media could not be loaded into the playlist: "
msgstr "Ii sáhttán lasihit dáid mediaid čuojahanlistui: "
#: playlistloader.cpp:334
msgid "Some media could not be loaded (not playable)."
msgstr "Ii sáhttán rahpat buot mediad."
#: playlistloader.cpp:476
msgid ""
"The XML in the playlist was invalid. Please report this as a bug to the Amarok "
"developers. Thank you."
msgstr ""
"Lei gusthohis XML čuojahanlisttus. Dieđihastte dán vigi Amarok ovdánahtiide. "
#: playlistloader.cpp:514
msgid ""
"Your last playlist was saved with a different version of Amarok than this one, "
"and this version can no longer read it.\n"
"You will have to create a new one.\n"
"Sorry :("
msgstr ""
"Du čuojahanlist lea vurkejuvvon eará Amarok-veršuvnnain go dus lea dál, ja dát "
"veršuvdna ii sáhte šat dan lohkat.\n"
"Fertet ráhkadit ođđa\n"
"Ándagássii :("
#: playlistloader.cpp:532
msgid "Amarok could not open the file."
msgstr "Amarok ii sáhttán rahpat fiilla."
#: playlistloader.cpp:542
msgid "This component of Amarok cannot translate XML playlists."
msgstr "Dát oassi Amarok:as ii sáhte jorgalit XML-čuojahanlisttuid."
#: playlistloader.cpp:549
msgid "Amarok does not support this playlist format."
msgstr "Amarok ii doarjjo dán čuojahanlistoformáhta."
#: playlistloader.cpp:554
msgid "The playlist did not contain any references to files."
msgstr "Čuojahanlisttus ii lean makkárge bájuhus fiillaide."
#: playlistloader.cpp:997
msgid "Retrieving Playlist"
msgstr "Viežžamin čuojahanlisttu"
#: directorylist.cpp:41
msgid "These folders will be scanned for media to make up your collection:"
msgstr ""
"Amarok ohcá mediafiillaid dáid máhpain ja ráhkada dan láhkái iežat čoahkkádusa:"
#: directorylist.cpp:45
msgid "&Scan folders recursively"
msgstr "Oza &vuollemáhpaid maid"
#: directorylist.cpp:46
msgid "&Watch folders for changes"
msgstr "Oza rievdadusaid &máhpain"
#: directorylist.cpp:48
msgid "If selected, Amarok will read all subfolders."
msgstr "Jus lea merkejuvvon, de Amarok ohcá buot vuollemáhpaid."
#: directorylist.cpp:49
msgid ""
"If selected, folders will automatically get rescanned when the content is "
"modified, e.g. when a new file was added."
msgstr ""
"Jus lea merkejuvvon, de Amarok geahččá máhpain go sisdoallu rievdaduvvo, omd. "
"jus fiila lasihuvvo."
#: scancontroller.cpp:90
msgid "Updating Collection"
msgstr "Ođasmahttimin čoahkkádusa"
#: scancontroller.cpp:95