MDB driver for Kexi
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This is keximdb, the MDB file migration driver for Kexi.

MDB files are the native database format of MS Access (and 
also some other MS applications).  This driver can be used
by Kexi's migration framework to convert simple Access 
databases in to native Kexi databases.

To compile the following software is needed:
  * the tdelibs development files;
  * the kexi development files;
  * GLib 2.0 development files; and
  * g++, gcc, make, ...
These will may be packaged for your distribution with names
similar to tdelibs-devel, libkexi-devel and libglib2.0-devel.
You should not need the libkexi-devel package if you have compiled
and installed Kexi from source.

If you downloaded this packages as a source tarball
(in a file called something like keximdb-X.Y.tar.gz),
then it can be compiled and installed as follows:
  ./configure --enable-debug
  make install

Note that the --enable-debug option is recommended for now.

Further Information:
If you have any problems, feel free to contact the author
using the e-mail address below, or post your question to the
koffice-devel list, or ask on the #kexi IRC channel...

Please contact the Kexi developers if you intend to package
this software for your distribution.  (Note that we already 
have some packaging scripts for Debian and related distributions
in the KDE subversion repository). 

More information about this package is available on Kexi's
website at:

Martin Ellis