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1.6.2 (?)
* New: Support for hidden project folders under the source root
* Bug fix: Make the configuration script sh-friendly
* Bug fix: Handle unicode characters on gcc's output
* Bug fix: KScope crashes when clicking on empty area in the tree view
* Bug fix: Do not show the "Function" column in the error list
* Bug fix: Do not close KScope when choosing "Cancel" in the "Save Files?"
message box
1.6.1 (9-Jan-2008)
* New: Support for case-insensitive queries
* New: Per-project Ctags command line (for advanced users only)
* Bug fix: Stop queries when their result windows are destroyed
* Bug fix: Query results sorted by line numbers are sorted numerically
* Translation: Chinese
1.6.0 (10-Jul-2007)
* Improved: Updated the documentation
* Improved: Implemented multiple-call nodes in the call-graph
* Improved: Workspace toolbar buttons re-arranged
* Improved: Hitting Enter in the "Open Project" dialogue's list of
recent projects opens the selected project
* Bug fix: Handle file extensions correctly in the file list
* Bug fix: Avoid hanging status bar messages when a project is closed
* Bug fix: Prevent infinite loops in the file finder in the presence of
recursive symbolic links
* Bug fix: Child windows should not disappear when dialogues are invoked
* Bug fix: Added padding to the call graph, to avoid chopped-off drawing
of nodes close to the borders
* Bug fix: Honour the preferred font when drawing the graph
* Bug fix: Delete temporary dot files used for drawing graphs
* Bug fix: Save call-tree files when a project is closed
* Bug fix: Clean-up a project's directory name after it is created
1.5.2 (7-May-2007)
* New: Useable global bookmarks system
* Improved: Better infrastructure for handling projects
* Improved: The soure root is set in the project properties dialogue
* Improved: When saving a new file, the user is asked whether to include
it in the project
* Improved: New toolbar layout
* Improved: Temporary projects appear in the list of recently open
* Improved: Load a temporary project's cscope.files file, if it exists
* Bug fix: Enable file/project menu items only when a file/project is
* Bug fix: Handle column numbers in make output
* Bug fix: Do not allow multiple instances of the same command in the
make history
* Bug fix: Dropped project semaphores (too much hassle for a minor
* Compilation fix: Support for automake 1.10
1.5.1 (15-Feb-2007)
* Improved: Support for recursive builds (make changing directories)
* Improved: Show build errors/warnings on a separate list
* Bug fix: The main window was not activated when requesting a source
position in a child window (call tree or the make window)
* Bug fix: Maintain Call-tree child item order (by line)
* Bug fix: Build output occasionally mixed standard output with standard
1.5.0 (6-Feb-2007)
* New: Make front-end (Rudimentary)
* New: Global bookmarks list
* New: Support for Cscope's -c and -D command-line options (-D requires
a patch to Cscope)
* Improved: Detect Cscope's executable and capabilities on each load
* Improved: Graph windows are no longer top-level (can be minimised or
hidden behind the main window)
* Improved: Do not automatically open a project if it was already loaded
by another instance of KScope
* Improved: Show #include directives in the tag list
* Bug fix: Better calculation of the area defined by a graph arrow
* Bug fix: Files could not be found in the file list when using a common
root ($)
1.4.3 (15-Jan-2007)
* New: Option for negating filters on query result lists
* New: Command for setting the keyboard focus to the tag list
* Improved: Restrict tag/file list navigation to current search pattern
* Improved: Show goto labels in the tag list
* Bug fix: Crash due to in-edges not being removed along with a function
* Bug fix: Connected components disappeared after filtering calling/
called functions
* Bug fix: Use only sh-style ouput redirection in kscope_config
1.4.2 (16-Oct-2006)
* New: Tool-tips for the project's file list
* New: "Find Definition" entry in the query-results popup menu
* Improved: Added '*.S' (kernel assembly files) to the list of standard
file types
* Improved: Some code clean-ups in the query-results popup menu
* Bug fix: All query results following a global definition were omitted
1.4.1 (23-Aug-2006)
* Improved: Speed-up result list filtering
* Improved: Keyboard shortcuts for the first entries in the Window menu
* Improved: Show assmebly labels in the tag list
* Bug fix: KScope crashes when a node is removed from the graph
* Bug fix: KScope crashes when Next/Previous Result is invoked on an
empty query results list
* Bug fix: Prevent whitespace in project names
* Bug fix: Add entries to the results query list in the right order
* Bug fix: Fixed several memory leaks
1.4.0 (9-Aug-2006)
* New: Option for sorting the file list when a project is loaded (on by
* Improved: The documentation is now up to date
* Improved: Nicer layout for the "New Project" dialogue
* Improved: Corrections to the desktop file (thanks to Tom Albers)
* Improved: Close a project automatically before a new one is created
* Bug fix: Do not show the progress dialogue if building fails to start
* Compilation fix: Include stdlib.h in graphwidget.cpp
* Compilation fix: Support for autoconf 2.6x
* Compilation fix: Removed unnecessary options from the YACC source file
* Compilation fix: Abort configuration if lex/flex and yacc/bison are not
1.3.4 (14-Apr-2006)
* New: Use graphviz from the command-line (dot). Should finally solve _all_
licensing issues
* New: Informative welcome message
* Improved: Allow multiple files on "File->Open..."
* Improved: Better tool-tips for the tag list
* Bug fix: KScope crashes after startup when attempting to set the cursor
to a non-existing line
1.3.3 (5-Jan-2006)
* License changed to BSD due to incompatibility between the GPL and the CPL
* New: Multiple-view call graph/tree dialogue
* Improved: Function name is displayed first (consistent behaviour for query
views and call tree widgets)
* Improved: Updated to the latest KDE 'configure' template
1.3.2 (16-Nov-2005)
* New: Support for graphviz 2.6
* Improved: The 'configure' script detects he graphviz version and build flags
* Improved: Better automatic configuration script for Cscope and Ctags
* Improved: Added 'exctags' to the search for exuberant-ctags (FreeBSD)
* Bug fix: Cursor set to the end of the line when jumping to a location in the
* Bug fix: Draw the call graph using the current DPI settings
* Bug fix: Automatic configuration script no longer depends on "source" (which
is not available for all shells)
* Bug fix: Editor GUI not merged upon opening a project if the selected file is
the last one loaded
1.3.1 (14-Oct-2005)
* New: "Save All" menu command (was not included in previous release, despite
a claim to the contrary)
* New: List and filter called/calling functions in the call graph
* New: Delete graph nodes
* New: Limit graph node in/out degree (requires latest Cscope CVS snapshot)
* Improved: Redesigned node menu in the graph widget
* Improved: All query result views share the same widget
* Improved: Session management remembers file locations and last open file
(thanks to Alexander Kern)
* Bug Fix: Delete graph files when they are no longer required (i.e., after
a graph dialogue is manually closed)
* Bug fix: Do not show a border around the graph (nasty fix, but it works)
* Bug fix: Nodes are now always drawn on top of edges
* Compilation fix: Use QPtrList instead of the deprecated QList
* Compilation fix: Should now compile with gcc 4.x
1.3.0 (29-Jun-2005)
* New: A new call graph based on the graphviz library
* New: Use a special dialogue for executing and displaying quick
definition queries
* New: Use the project's root in the file list (root directory replaced
by a $ symbol)
* Improved: Faster compilation through the inclusion of moc files
* Improved: Better organised menu and toolbars
* Improved: Quick definition does not write into the query widget
1.2.0 (25-May-2005)
* New: Keyboard shortcut for setting the focus to the file list
* Improved: Documentation is now up to date
* Improved: Use standard configuration actions
* Improved: Faster loading times for projects
* Bug fix: Incorrect sorting of the symbol history combo-box
* Bug fix: Query window hidden unnecessarily on some occasions
* Bug fix: A hidden query window is shown by the "Position History" menu
* Bug fix: Modifying non-project files triggered a database rebuild
1.1.1 (17-Mar-2005)
* New: A new tab widget that displays a popup-menu with all open tabs
* New: Automatic configuration of Cscope/Ctags paths and parameters
* New: Filter query results
* New: Tag list can be hidden
* Improved: Display unique entries in the completion list
* Improved: Two options for the editor's popup menu: Cscope actions embedded
in the editor's own menu, or the old-style KScope-only menu
* Improved: The process of closing all editor windows (explicitly, when closing a
project or when exiting KScope) is much faster
* Bug fix: Do not show a hidden query window when browsing through position
* Bug fix: Refreshing a locked query opened a new page
* Bug fix: Possibly wrong tag-highlighting if cursor was moved while Ctags is
* Compilation Fix: Compiles under KDE 3.2 again
1.1.0 (1-Feb-2005)
* New: Cross-reference database is rebuilt automatically
* New: Symbol completion (manual and automatic)
* New: Allow multiple queries to be issued simultaneously
* New: Query dialogue with symbol hinting, history, substring search option
and and the ability to change the query type
* New: System profiles (fast/slow) determine default settings for
time-consuming operations
* New: Multiple position history paths
* New: Postion history can be saved and restored
* New: Drag&Drop support
* New: Optional warnings when file is modified outside KScope (Supports Kate
part only)
* New: Call Tree support for both Called and Calling tree modes
* New: Call Tree save/restore support within the project
* New: Unobtrusive progress information for all Cscope queries
* New: Query results popup-menu for copying and removing items
* New: Menu option for showing/hiding the toolbar
* New: Configurable keyboard shortcuts
* Improved: More command line options
* Improved: External editor can be invoked in read-write mode
* Improved: Faster project load times (file list is not sorted by default)
* Bug fix: Symbol list last entry was not found
* Bug fix: Crashed when jumping to a new position and no pages are open
* Bug fix: Synchronise splitter sizes whenever a page gains focus
* Bug fix: Query dialogue suggested text did not check current character
* Bug fix: the progress information did not work with inverted index or
regular expressions
1.0 (7-Dec-2004)
* Bug fix: Selecting entries in the position history dialogue messes up the
history (thanks to Fekete Gabor)
* Bug fix: Double clicking a directory name in the file system tree view opens
an editor page (thanks to Fekete Gabor)
* Bug fix: "No source file found" message not detected since error output may
be broken (fix allows Cscope restart mechanism to be re-enabled)
* Bug fix: Return file-system root as the root directory of a temporary project
* Bug fix: Handle file names without an extension in the file list (thanks to
Anton G. Alvedro)
* Bug fix: Show the main window before loading the last project (fixes
problems with the width of the tag list)
* Bug fix: Use CTRL-5 for the EGrep pattern shortcut (CTRL-6 is already used
by Kate)
* Bug fix: Do not restart Cscope when a file of the wrong format is opened as
a cscope.out file
* Bug fix: Open editor pages were not found when using relative paths in
cscope.files (thanks to Chris Mason)
* Bug fix: Cannot rebuild database when working with temporary projects,
re-run Cscope instead (thanks to Chris Mason)
* Bug fix: Do not populate file tree recursively (may significantly
increase the project loading time) (thanks to Albert Yosher)
* Bug fix: Maximise main window before displaying the welcome message (on
first time usage)
* Bug fix: Empty position history was added if jumping when no files were
open (thanks to Fekete Gabor)
* Bug fix: Editor was not set to read-write mode if the edited file changed
its permission (thanks to Albert Yosher)
* Bug fix: Clean paths from '.' and '..' before opening a file (thanks to
Albert Yosher)
* Bug fix: KScope Crashes after applying new configuration if an empty query page
* Bug fix: Use Ctrl-\ for a call tree (Ctrl-- is already used by Kate)
* Improved project loading process
* Made documentation compliant with KDE's conventions
0.9 (14-Oct-2004)
* Option for using an external editor
* File-system tree-view
* Use application icons for tabs (for consistent look across themes)
* Option for shorter query captions (thanks to Fekete Gabor)
* Store current location before jumping (fixes position history behaviour)
* Show current file path in KScope's title bar
* Handle read-only files correctly
* Show a special tab icon for a read-only file
* Vim-style quick definition
* Bug fix: ignore Cscope's "Possible references retrieved" messages
(thanks to Fekete Gabor)
* Bug fix: report Cscope is working when rebuilding the cross-reference
0.8 (2-Aug-2004)
* Select word from cursor position when initiating a query
* Show cursor position in status bar
* Highlight relevant tag based on cursor position
* Allow running KScope in read-only mode
* "Fonts" preference page
* "Options" preference page
* A "refresh query" command for the query pages
* Query file format changed to include query type and text (old files will
not be loaded)
* Bug fix: restore file icon to unchanged when all undo levels have been
applied (thanks to Fekete Gabor)
* Bug fix: better handling of the tag list width
* Bug fix: accept any file name containing "ctags" as the Ctags executable
(since Gentoo is using exuberant-ctags)
* Bug fix: files could not be reopened after "Close All Windows" (thanks to
Fekete Gabor)
* Bug fix: query window may be incorrectly hidden if query returns a
single record
0.7 (15-Jun-2004)
* Restore project session (open files and locked queries)
* Lock/unlock queries
* Prompt to save files before any file is closed
* Use KTabWidget for both the Editors window and the Query window
* Mark modified files
* Show/hide the file list and the query window (thanks to Fekete Gabor)
* Save/restore main window layout
* Better Ctags support (using native Ctags files)
* Open Cscope.out files in temporary projects, also available from the
command line (thanks to Fekete Gabor)
* Removed sort buttons (requires further consideration)
* Tag list sorting order is saved
* Query page buttons to the right of the query widget
* Bug fix: project was not closed if program was terminated from the main
window's title-bar
* Bug fix: allow ctags-exuberant as the programme name for Ctags
0.6 (21-Apr-2004)
* Adjusted to KDE 3.2 (previous versions are no longer supported)
* Implemented standard "New File" and "Open File" commands
* Line numbers are aligned to the right
* Display the type of each file in the file list
* Use unsigned int for the entry size in Frontend (fixes compiler warnings)
* Implemented Cscope's search for file query
* Files are opened automatically if only one record was returned by a query
* Close buttons for the editor tabs
* Display Cscope error messages in a modeless dialogue
* Basic navigation through position history
* Open last project on restart
* Option to build inverted index for projects (thanks to Fekete Gabor)
* Project properties dialogue
* Bug fix: calling for an including files query prompts for an EGrep pattern
(thanks to Fekete Gabor)
* Bug fix: program crashes on including files query
* Bug fix: set keyboard focus to editor when moving between tabs
0.5 (3-Jan-2004)
* Moved project to KDevelop 3.0 format
* A new "Window" menu displaying a list of open files
* The full path name appears as a tool-tip on each editor tab
* Close buttons for query results windows
* Fixed Tab order in dialogues
0.4 (9-Oct-2003)
* New integrated manual
* Project files dialogue (add/remove source files)
* Prompt for files when a project is empty
* Bug fix: Error in rebuild command to cscope (string too long)
* Bug fix: Directory names in the paths configuration were mistaken as legal
executable files
* Bug fix: The directory scanner did not clean its list between consecutive
searches (thanks to Craig Graham for this fix)
* Bug fix: Initial file count in the dir scanning progress dialogue showed
'123456' instead of '0'
* Prompt the user to close the active project before creating a new one
* Prevent the user from cancelling an already-finished query (i.e., while
results are written to the query window)
0.3 (3-Aug-2003)
* Context menu for running queries from an editor window
* A dummy progress dialogue is displayed when progress information is
unavailable (simply to indicate that KScope is working)
* Bug fix: Mix-up between the "Calling functions" and "Called functions" in
the query page titles
* Bug fix: Only ".c" and ".h" files could be added to a project
* New query type: find #including files
* Inform the user when a query ends with no results
* Menu command to close the active project
* All query pages are removed when a project is closed
0.2 (21-Jul-2003)
* Call tree window
* High-colour icons
* Sort buttons for the tag list
* Partial fix for the cursor positioning bug in Kate
0.1 (3-Jul-2003)
* First public release
* Front-end to most CScope features
* Basic editing environment (multiple windows)
* Tag list for each open editor
* Multiple query windows
* Basic project management