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Implement ZYWRLE decoding in libvncclient
make SDLvncviewer more versatile (test for missing keys, introduce scrollbars,
make scrollable with 2xCtrl and mouse drag)
Clean up ZRLE (probably not thread-safe: zrleBeforeBuf, zrlePaletteHelper)
style fixes: use Linux' coding guidelines & ANSIfy tightvnc-filetransfer:
discuss on list
19 years ago
LibVNCClient cleanup: prefix with "rfbClient", and make sure it does
not deliberately die() or exit() anywhere!
java vncviewer doesn't do colour cursors?
20 years ago
MinGW32 doesn't do fcntl on sockets; use setsockopt instead...
make corre work again (libvncclient or libvncserver?)
19 years ago
teach SDLvncviewer about capitals...
teach SDLvncviewer about CopyRect...
implement "-record" in libvncclient
selectbox: scroll bars
authentification schemes (secure vnc)
IO function ptr exists; now explain how to tunnel and implement a
client address restriction scheme.
using Hermes library for fast colour translations.
VisualNaCro testing