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dscho 8bee4eb990 ANSIfy, fix some warnings from Linus' sparse 18 years ago
runge be5b1296e4 libvncserver/{main.c,rfbserver.c}: fix a couple more CopyRect memory leaks 18 years ago
dscho 320edc794f more files to ignore 18 years ago
dscho 446a6fabac fix memory leaks detected using valgrind 18 years ago
runge 3a7e70de49 x11vnc: more improvements to -scrollcopyrect and -xkb modes. 18 years ago
dscho 34f714bcdc socketInitDone -> socketState 18 years ago
runge 1bb36df34e libvncserver/main.c: fix memory leak in rfbDoCopyRect/rfbScheduleCopyRect; tweaks. 18 years ago
runge b0daa444cc x11vnc: -scrollcopyrect/RECORD, etc. customizations for x11vnc pkg 18 years ago
dscho 6602a22f2b clear requested region after handling it 18 years ago
runge 014e911f6b x11vnc: -wireframe, -wirecopyrect, -privremote, -safer, -nocmd, -unsafe, -noviewonly 18 years ago
runge c46cdf9493 x11vnc: add rawfb setup example misc/ 18 years ago
runge 7ed9e5b1d0 x11vnc: fix some -rawfb bugs, add setup:cmd 18 years ago
runge baee5e2b3a x11vnc: -rawfb, -pipeinput, -xtrap, -flag, ... 18 years ago
runge ac01f36ce0 x11vnc: use DEC-XTRAP on legacy X11R5, -shiftcmap, -http 18 years ago
runge dfe5981ce9 x11vnc: fix event leaks, build-time customizations, -nolookup 18 years ago
runge 1ce9418622 x11vnc: scale cursors, speed up some scaling, alt arrows, -norepeat N 18 years ago
runge fba6f58a1a x11vnc: X DAMAGE support, -clip WxH+X+Y, identd. 18 years ago
dscho 4ff783f579 fix compilation when no libz is available 18 years ago
dscho cef6224e1c do the in_addr_t stuff correctly... 18 years ago
dscho a86e7fed5f check for in_addr_t 18 years ago
dscho a20d0817ef fix for older SDL versions 18 years ago
runge 4301cdf1df autoconf: rpm -> rpmbuild and echo -n -> printf 18 years ago
runge b8b96689bf add '-listen ipaddr' option 18 years ago
dscho 3c4522e676 do not crash when /tmp is not writable 18 years ago
runge b36ca23790 x11vnc: final changes for 0.7.1 release. 18 years ago
runge b70fcb448e x11vnc: -nap is now the default, version str 0.7.1. 18 years ago
runge 5c13bd0cd4 x11vnc: -users lurk=, -solid for cde, -gui ez,.. beginner mode. 18 years ago
runge 86ccf267b1 x11vnc -input to fine tune allow user input. per-client settings -R 18 years ago
runge 5b18d40136 x11vnc -users, fix -solid on gnome/kde, pwd.h wait.h and utmpx.h 18 years ago
runge b04336f947 few tweaks for next release 18 years ago
runge d977fc5fa5 --with-jpeg=DIR --with-zlib=DIR, /usr/sfw 18 years ago
runge 2bc615f6e0 x11vnc -solid color, -opts; tightvnc unix viewer alpha patch 18 years ago
dscho 914f7b71c5 10l: really fix preferredEncoding set from outside 18 years ago
runge bbab31583e whoops, test version of x11vnc.c leaked out... 18 years ago
runge d2a0e40e1b sync with new cursor mechanism, -timeout, -noalphablend, try :0 if no other info 18 years ago
dscho 6fb3752bf2 test Floyd-Steinberg dither for alpha masks 18 years ago
dscho 6273f2065a implemented Floyd-Steinberg dither in order to rfbMakeMaskFromAlphaSource 18 years ago
dscho dbc826d4ab use Getopt 18 years ago
dscho ba10bceedd if no argc & argv are passed, honour the serverHost&serverPort which was set by the application 18 years ago
dscho 80ca7cf1d3 no need to strdup for MakeXCursor 18 years ago
dscho cafeb40fed disappearing cursor fixed & debug message purged 18 years ago
dscho 155f4c1053 fix disappearing cursor 18 years ago
dscho 47646a200f redraw region under old cursor even if the old cursor doesn't have to be freed. 18 years ago
dscho ff87112b50 a granted wish has several children ;-) 18 years ago
dscho d354bb6015 fix test (don't show cursor...); correctly set the encodings in the client; 18 years ago
dscho 81ac5600be oops, a debug message slipped through 18 years ago
dscho a84b3d072a pointerClient was still static. 18 years ago
dscho dd923e8660 add convenience function to clip using x2,y2 instead of w,h 18 years ago
dscho 9cc78e5460 add a cursor test (interactive for now) 18 years ago
dscho b5bbdae630 more ignorance 18 years ago