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- Remove thoroughly obsolete displayconfig tool
- Handle "ain't got no cpufreq" more gracefully (Malone bug # 99198)
- Fix typo in mountconfig that lead to a crash (Malone bug # 87861)
- BUG: Fix detection of the nvidia proprietary driver (Malone bug #104860)
- BUG: Displayconfig and would crash in combination
with later versions Xorg if the xrandr extension was not available.
(Malone bug #91545)
* Wednesday 29 March 2007 Simon Edwards <>
- version 0.8
- Deal with AttributeError in displayconfigabstraction (Malone bug #94108)
- Add menu to choose CPU frequency policy manually
- Handle problems not being able to read the filesystem label gracefully
- Make displayconfig-restore not crash on incorrect modelines (Malone bug # 76393)
- Make displayconfig a little smarter when the preferred resolution can't be found
- Make wineconfig not crash on empty fstab lines
- Fix the fuser frontend in mountconfig to actually work again.
- Handle ZeroDivisionError in displayconfig gracefully (Malone bug #77844)
- Support for LABEL in fstab added to mountconfig, improved support for
- Support for changing CPU frequency policy with HAL added to powermanager.
- Suspend after N minutes idle added to powermanager
- Added an option to not lock screen on resume (Malone bug # 64650)
- Handle crash in userconfig due to problems with locale (Malone bug #65739)
- Support for UUIDs in fstab added to mountconfig.
- grubconfig added. (Martin Böhm)
* Tuesday 6 March 2007 Simon Edwards <>
- version 0.7.1
- BUG: Fixed typo in (thanks to Rocco Stanzione)
- BUG: Fix double hibernate call on lid close. (Malone bug #65885)
- BUG: Change CHARGE_LEVEL_THRESHOLD to 10% (was 50%) to better workaround
acpi issue. when remaining_time is not reported correctly. Also use
threshold for battery low notification warning. (Malone bug #64752,
- BUG: Handle error in locale.getpreferredencoding gracefully. (Malone bug
- BUG: DPMS settings had not been saved on Apply, do that.
- BUG: Fix crash where cpu frequency scaling is not readable.
- BUG: Fix unicode and localisation handling in targetgamma, do a better job
choosing the right resolutions for example for nvidia twinview and other
unusual resolutions.
- BUG: Powermanager, first read config, then adapt the state of the UI from
those values.
- BUG: Don't crash displayconfig-restore when screenwidth and height are
bogus, use a sensible value of 96 instead. (Malone bug #77844)
- BUG: Make displayconfig-restore not crash on unknown modelines.
- BUG: Make tempfile handling more robust by using Python's tempfile.
- BUG: Check for None groupids in userconfig.
- BUG: Clear password edit after exiting the edit dialog in userconfig.
- BUG: Make AC adapter detection more robust to potential failure of
actions. (Malone bug #77091)
- BUG: permissions on groupfile should've been read, before they can be set.
- BUG: Check for valid groupid when selecting in userconfig.
- BUG: gamma settings were not being restored after logging in.
- BUG: A rounding error was causing problems in displayconfig when filtering
resolutions by the selected monitor.
- BUG: Displayconfig, userconfig and wineconfig didn't handle RTL desktops
correctly. (Diego lastrubni)
- BUG: Displayconfig would sometimes consider some widescreen modes as being
standand aspect ratio.
- BUG: Displayconfig would sometimes fail to set Display virtual size in
- BUG: Stopped displayconfig from stacktracing when it encounters a
degenerate gfx card + monitor combination that has no valid resolutions.
* Thursday 12 October 2006 Simon Edwards <>
- version 0.7
- BUG: Don't bail out of laptop-detect is not there (Malone bug #60309)
- BUG: didn't handle USB disks correctly. (KDE bug #132390)
- BUG: Disable double click opening items in mountconfig if the user is not
- BUG: Don't bail out if the device section is already there (Malone bug #50411)
- BUG: Don't show new_user in the secondary groups (Malone bug #44203)
- BUG: userconfig set wrong uid for new users (Malone bug #56275)
- BUG: would sometimes fail on non-English systems.
(Malone bug #43313).
- BUG: userconfig would sometimes fail when writing the shadow password file.
(Malone bug #47090)
- BUG: userconfig would fail if the password warning field in /etc/shadow was
empty. (Malone bug #47317)
- Changed a couple of labels in order to match the new system-settings spec:
- mountconfig now uses CIFS for Windows Shares instead of obsolete smbfs.
(Martin Böhm)
- Displayconfig now hides useless Monitor Orientation and Second Screen group
box options which can never be activated without changing hardware or the
X driver.
- Simplified the color and gamma tab in displayconfig.
- BUG: Better detection for dualhead intel chips in displayconfig.
- Updated the data files for displayconfig from
- wineconfig added for configuring Wine. (Yuriy Kozlov)
- powermanager applet added for monitoring laptop power levels (Sebastian
* Saturday 13 May 2006 Simon Edwards <>
- version 0.6.7
- Dutch translation added (Rinse de Vries)
- BUG: Displayconfig would fail if the monitor frequency settings in xorg.conf
contained extra spaces. (Malong bug #38692)
- BUG: Displayconfig would not add the lowest screen resolution available to
the modes list in the xorg.conf's Screen section/Display subsection.
- French translation added from Launchpad Rossetta.
* Friday 28 April 2006 Simon Edwards <>
- version 0.6.6
- BUG: Serviceconfig didn't correctly remove links in runlevel directories.
(Malone bug #39404)
- BUG: In Serviceconfig, toggling the "Start during boot" checkbox using the
context menu would fail. (Malone bug #34252)
- BUG: was would fail with "global name 'syslog'
undefined". (Malone bug #40683)
- BUG: Displayconfig had trouble picking a driver gfxcard model entry instead
of the detected default (e.g. VESA). (Malone bug #41127)
- BUG: Displayconfig would fail when writing out a xorg.conf that contained
non-ascii characters. (Malone bug #41474)
- Work around for an annoying bug in PyQt/PyKDE that causes the tools to
crash on exit if a dialog window has been used.
- BUG: The file paths used in displayconfig for checking for the proprietary
nvidia driver were wrong or out of date.
* Tuesday 18 April 2006 Simon Edwards <>
- version 0.6.5
- BUG: services that have not been installed via apt would cause long loops
a lot of dpkg queries. Only query dpkg db once.
- BUG: Serviceconfig's Apply button doesn't work. It should actually be Close
(Malone #38582)
- BUG: Changing an user's password can change another password for a different
user (Malone bug #39444)
- BUG: Displayconfig would fail at startup on systems with an nVidia 7800 GTX.
(Malone bug #32915 for Rob Hughes)
- BUG: Serviceconfig would crash if the windows is closed quickly after
serviceconfig appears.
- BUG: userconfig would fail at startup if an entry in /etc/passwd refered to
a group that is not defined in /etc/group. (Malone bug #34311)
- BUG: Userconifg. Manually typing in or editing the list of secondary groups
for a user had no effect. (Malone bug #37212)
- BUG: Displayconfig fails to detect the presence of the proprietary ATI and
nVidia drivers. (The location of some of the driver files had been recently
- BUG: would calculated the needed DPI at login using
stale screen information which would sometimes result in the wrong DPI.
- BUG: Numerious small bugs and compatibility problems in mountconfig.
- BUG: When browsing for a SMB share, mountconfig now correctly catches the
authentication information entered by the user into the smaller popup from
- Displayconfig now assumes that dualhead/clone mode is supported if the
laptop-detect script detects a laptop.
- Displayconfig now uses the clone mode support in the i810 driver.
- Displayconfig now only offers resolutions that both monitors support when
using clone mode.
- Displayconfig now supports clone mode on any setup that also supports
- BUG: Mountconfig failed to take into account that the order of the
user/users, exec/noexc, suid/nosuid etc options in /etc/fstab is significant.
(thanks Christoph Wiesen)
- French translations added to the desktop files. (Anthony Mercatante)
* Sunday 2 April 2006 Simon Edwards <>
- version 0.6.4
- BUG: All of the tools no longer write out config files under ~/.kde when
running as root. This should stop the annoying creation of config files
that can't be overwritten by the normal user.
- Userconfig is now by default not quite as tall. This should help stop
it from appearing too big in systemsettings.
- Displayconfig updated to also recognise late model nVidia chipsets.
- BUG: Displayconfig didn't support Clone mode for the proprietary nVidia
- BUG: The tools now correctly specify which translation catalogue to use for
- The screen images in the dualhead widget make better use of available widget
- Displayconfig: The 40guidance-displayconfig_restore script which is used by
the Xsession script during login via TDM/xdm, has now been fixed to not stop
the login in case of failure.
- BUG: Displayconfig was getting confused by unknown graphics cards and
crashing. (Malone bug #32915)
- BUG: Displayconfig still can't handling unicode in xorg.conf. (Malone bug
- BUG: Displayconfig is now more forgiving when xorg.conf contains characters
that are illegal with respect to the system character encoding. (Malone bug
- BUG: Displayconfig would have trouble detecting hardware on the PCI bus on
big endian architectures. (raphink)
- BUG: Displayconfig did not correctly handle situations where the X RandR
extension is missing.
- BUG: Displayconfig would fail when loading some xorg.conf files containing
multiple graphics card specifications. (Malone bug #37275, patch applied)
- BUG: Userconfig didn't respect the entered UID when creating a account.
(Malone bug #37722).
- Displayconfig: Added 1280x960 modes (60 & 75Hz).
* Friday 17 March 2006 Simon Edwards <>
- version 0.6.3
- BUG: userconfig and unixauthdb didn't respect the ownership of system files
when update /etc/passwd and friends. (Malone bug #26175).
- BUG: userconfig and unixauthdb would fail if /etc/passwd, /etc/groups or
/etc/shadow contained blank lines.
- BUG: displayconfig now does a better job of detecting graphics PCI devices
and handling non-detected graphics cards. Instead of crashing, "generic
VESA" is used when the type of card can't be found. (Malone bug #32915)
- The DPI that uses at login time can now be
controlled by adding a line to ~/.kde/share/config/displayconfigrc
in the [General] section. Add "dpi=xserver" to use the default DPI
from the X server, or "dpi=100" to use 100 DPI for example.
- BUG: Widescreen modes were missing in displayconfig.
- Displayconfig: Monitors can now be specified as being standard aspect ratio
or widescreen.
- BUG: Using the xresprobe command in displayconfig would crash some people's
machines. The much more safer ddcprobe command is now used.
(Malone bug #33943)
- BUG: A bug is displayconfig stopped monitor model detection. The xresprobe
command didn't actually return the eisa ID of the connected monitor.
ddcprobe does though (see above).
- BUG: Displayconfig. Changes to the monitor model or image format are
shown immediately on the "Size & Orientation" tab, even if the screen is
currently being used.
- BUG: When userconfig asks about whether the home directory should be created
when creating a new account, sometimes the wrong directory name was shown in
the dialog.
- BUG: Powerbook screen mode "1280x854" add to displayconfig. (Malone bug
- BUG: Displayconfig would throw an exception if the current display didn't
support DPMS. (Malone bug #34316).
- BUG: Most utilities would fail if they came across UTF-8 or unicode
characters. (Malone bug #34194).
- BUG: Displayconfig wouldn't correctly detect the presence of installed
proprietary drivers. (OculusAquilae)
- BUG: Displayconfig had trouble handling BusID rows in xorg.conf. This would
cause the xorg.conf to be incorrectly read. (Tonio)
- Added some extra methods to to aid debugging.
- BUG: Displayconfig would not save the user's display settings when running
in kcontrol or systemsettings. (Malone bug #35257)
* Wednesday 1 March 2006 Simon Edwards <>
- version 0.6.2
- BUG: Small bug in displayconfig that caused it to bug out around the
newCustomMonitor() method.
- BUG: userconfig had space character just before the she-bang which really
caused some trouble the for the shell.
- BUG: Displayconfig: Selecting the "Plug n Play" monitor directly without
clicking on "Detect" meant that only a very small set of resolutions would
be written to xorg.conf.
- BUG: The DPI calculations in where broken. This
resulted in the wrong DPI being used.
- BUG: Displayconfig: The clone mode option is now correctly disabled for
Matrox cards (mga driver).
- BUG: Displayconfig would bug out if the monitor model in the xorg.conf was
anything other than Plug n Play.
- BUG: Displayconfig would bug out if the DPMS Standby setting was 0 and DPMS
- Displayconfig is now shown in kcontrol under settings/hardware instead of
- BUG: Small bug in displayconfig that will causes displayconfig to bug out
when trying to detect the monitor and no EDID info is available.
- BUG: Small cosmetic bug in displayconfig where the some tabs were missing
margins when shown in kcontrol/system settings.
- BUG: displayconfig would bug out when detecting ATI dualhead cards.
(pci_device.text was None).
* Monday 20 February 2006 Simon Edwards <>
- version 0.6.1
- now saves its scan info in
- "Details..." button added to mountconfig in addition to the context menu for
opening the disk info dialog.
- BUG: serviceconfig: When starting and stopping daemons, the scripts expect a
terminal that understands colours. The command runner dialog doesn't, and
you end up seeing garbage characters. TERM is now set to vt100 when running
- BUG: displayconfig: Reset button didn't reset all of the parts/fields in the
- Detect dualhead Matrox cards.
- now at login time also chooses and sets a 'sane'
DPI setting used by applications for fonts. More info is in the source file.
- BUG: wasn't restoring the user's display resolution
at login.
- Plug N Play monitors are handled much better and are automatically probed
when neccessary.
* Tuesday 14 February 2006 Simon Edwards <>
- version 0.6.0
- Right mousebutton action for most listviews.
- mountconfig can now handle multi-fs entries.
- i18n() all over the place.
- Dualhead support added to displayconfig.
- displayconfig's hardware database files updated from Mandriva.
- numerous bug fixes.
- add. This is Ubuntu specific right now, but
what it does is detect hardware changes at boottime and automatically
run "dpkg-reconfigure" to generate a xorg.conf file that will get Xorg
* Tuesday 29 November 2005 Simon Edwards <>
- version 0.5.0
- displayconfig should now work for single head configurations.
- displayconfig has a shiney new preview.
- displayconfig is now usable on low resolution screens.
- DPMS tab cleaned up in displayconfig.
- displayconfig's hardware database files updated from Mandriva.
* Monday 12 September 2005 Simon Edwards <>
- version 0.4.0
- displayconfig has been massively restructured internally.
- numerous bug fixes.
- start of dualhead support in displayconfig.
- When umount fails in mountconfig the option to killing blocking processes
has been added.
- better Debian support in serviceconfig. It now uses apt and dpkg to get
service descriptions.
- ext3 added to mountconfig. :)
- userconfig now respects /etc/useradd.conf
- Now uses PyKDE Extensions for building and installation.
- DPMS tab added to displayconfig.
* Tuesday 5 April 2005 Simon Edwards <>
- version 0.3.0
- Displayconfig working and also feature complete.
- xf86config C module has been removed and replaced with pure Python.
- Numerous little bugs fixed in the userconfig, mountconfig and serviceconfig.
* Thursday 9 December 2004 Simon Edwards <>
- version 0.2.0
- mountconfig added, beta quality, feature complete.
- displayconfig added, alpha quality, not feature complete.
- userconfig, beta quality, feature complete.
- serviceconfig, beta quality, feature complete.
* Thursday 20 November 2003 Simon Edwards <>
- version 0.1.0
- Initial release.