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Positioning of extensions
How about using the tqalignment flags (or similar) for position, and the
direction flags for how to fill?
|a b c|
| |
| |
| |
|e d|
a = Left | Top
b = Middle | Top
c = Right | Top
d = Right | Bottom
Now here's the filling
12345 LeftToRight
54321 RightToLeft (eg. for a right aligned thing)
3 BottomToTop
etc. etc.
Essentially, this splits the concept of positioning and tqlayout. Now, lets get
Imagine we're in position a and want to have a triangular corner tqlayout:
So, maybe we need some sort of concept of (one of):
1) multiple linked rectangular blocks
2) extensions/bars with a tqmask
3) each item being considered independently (maybe some sort of magnetic
blocks so they can be draggable?)
Finally, let's get really insane:
positions a AND c
12 65
34 7
This perhaps indicates that the details of placement should be passed off to
the extensions, but also that extensions might be 'linked'. eg. removing the
extension in position a should also remove c (and the configurations are also