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- setting up own layout if you're not root - using xkbcomp
- allowing other latin base groups instead of "us" (e.g. "dvorak")
- checking each layout in kxkb.cpp if it's ok for single group
- checking each layout in kcmlayout.cpp whether it's latin and don't need latin group
- check the problem with gnome apps, first switch of layout with keyboard shortcut locks input
- kdesktop_lock: layouts menu, flag icons, better error handling
- parse xfree86.xml instead of xfree86.lst for XFree86 4.3.0 and higher
- prevent application/window list from growing endlessly
- bug 59203: call kcontrol/keys/modifiers.cpp:
KConfigGroupSaver cgs( TDEGlobal::config(), "Keyboard" );
bool bMacSwap = TDEGlobal::config()->readBoolEntry( "Mac Modifier Swap", false );
if( bMacSwap )
after each switch