TDE core libraries
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In this file:

* About tdelibs
* Licensing
* Common Mistakes
* Upgrading
* Compile Problems
* More Info

About tdelibs
This is version R14.1.0 of the Trinity Desktop Environment [TDE] libraries.

This package includes libraries that are central to the development and
execution of a KDE program, as well as internationalization files for these
libraries, misc HTML documentation, theme modules, and regression tests.
Here is an alphabetical list:

* arts
ARTS (analog realtime synthesizer) is a environment of small modules
that one can plug together to process multimedia data. This directory
contains KDE wrapper and KDE user interface elements for ARTS.

* dcop
The desktop communication program allows even shell scripts to
communicate with KDE applications. It's also the base for KParts.

* interfaces
tdeparts interface for text editors, mediaplayer and scripting.

* kab
OBSOLETE, see tdeabc: Used to be the address book library, but now only
used to convert kab-Addressbooks into tdeabc format.

* tdeabc
The address book library.

* kate
KPart for 'kate', the KDE advanced text editor.

* tdecert
Personal certification manager.

* tdeconf_update
Auto-Updater for config files.

* tdecore
This is the core collection of KDE stuff. Non GUI classes reside here.

* kded
The KDE daemon checks for newly installed software, update files
or hostname changes and takes according actions.

* tdefx
Library with pixmap effects.

* tdeprint
The very versatile printing subsystem of KDE.

* tdesu
Library for password entering and handling

* tdeui
The main collection of misc. user interface classes (widgets).
KSpell and related classes are a frontend to ispell for use within a
GUI app.

* tdewidgets
For developers: KDE's custom widgets for Qt Designer.

* kdoctools
Contains mostly stuff convert XML docbook files via XSLT into
human readable stuff.

* tdehtml
The next generation HTML rendering widget designed for Konqueror. This
supports HTML 4, CSS, and a variety of other web related standards.

* kimgio
An all purpose extension to the qimgio class that supports various
image formats.

* tdeinit
Process launcher, used for fast KDE startup

* tdeio
Classes that fetch and decode URLs are contained here. This library also
contains "tdesycoca", the system configure cache containing services,
applications, servicetypes and mimetypes.

* tdeioslave
I/O subprocesses to handle files, ftp, http, gzip and bzip2 streams.

* kjs
Implementation of ECMAScript (aka JavaScript).

* tdeparts
KDE component model.

* tdestyles
The theme engine lies within. It handles nearly anything relating to
customizing the appearance of widgets.

* tdewallet
Client and backend to store values in encrypted files.

* libtdemid
MIDI file handling and midi mapper (manages output of midi files to
various devices).

* libtdescreensaver
Library for making KDE screensavers.

* libltdl
System independed dlopen() handler.

* licenses
Contains texts of all used licenses.

* mimetypes
Database of mime types.

* pics
Database of icons.

The libraries themselves have been covered (since Saturday, June 21st, 1997)
by the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL). Any other programs (such
as the examples) are covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL). All
the gory details for the LGPL reside in COPYING.LIB, and for the GPL reside

Various parts are also covered under a BSD style license, detailed in
COPYING.BSD. Currently, code covered under such license is copyrighted by
Theo de Raadt.

When in doubt, check the individual file, they should all have license
headings and other identifying marks.

Common Mistakes
If configure claims Qt cannot be found, look at
to get a copy of Qt, version 3.3.0 or newer. If you have peeked there
already, grab the SVN module qt-copy from, or a snapshot
thereof. Alternatively the svn module qt-copy from can also be

You can use --enable-debug with the configure script, if you want to have
debug code in your KDE libs. If you have the space and can stand code that's
somewhat slower, this is worth it. The extra information really
helps debugging and thus bugfixing.

On the other hand, --disable-debug removes all debug messages, leading
to a faster and cleaner desktop.

See also the file DEBUG.

If you have an tdebase older than 3.0 installed, just copy all your .k*rc
files from $HOME to $HOME/.trinity/share/config. In the other case, default
values are used for most apps.

Compile Problems
Often, KDE compile failures are not KDE's faults but the one of the
compiler or the distribution used. For that reason, please have a look at for known issues in certain OS
environments before reporting bugs or going mad :).

gcc 3.0/3.0.1 is not yet able to compile all of KDE without errors, mostly
due to bugs in this version of the compiler. Some older version of gcc 2.96
also have problems compiling KDE due to compiler bugs. Even though
compilation may not report errors with these compiler, the usage of these
compilers may cause crashes when using the resulting executables.

If you are running a FreeBSD system, you will need to make sure that LIBS
is set to "-Wl,-export-dynamic". The easiest way to do this is to prefix
configure with it, i.e.: LIBS="-Wl,-export-dynamic" ./configure. Thanks to
Will Andrews <> and Arun Sharma <>
for identifying what needed to be done, and how to do it, and such.

If you get odd error such as:

as: Error: /var/tmp/ccK1Cfxa.s, line 2827: Truncating token:

and you're using egcs, try re-compiling all your C++ libs with -fsquangle,
and then recompiling whatever you were working on with -fsquangle. It
should help, and more information about this is available on the egcs FAQ
available at

How to report
Reporting bugs is an art. Why? Because bug reports can help and hinder.

They hinder if the developers are just buried in an avalanche of bug reports.
They spend hours figuring out which bug reports are valid and which aren't,
which bug reports are due to bugs or due to installation problems.

They can be of tremendous help to notify developers on problems in areas that
they normally don't have access (e.g. KDE on AIX) to.

So, here are some tips on bug reporting:

* make sure your bug is due to KDE ... and not due to a packaging problem of
your Linux distributor. For example, most "I can not install the XYZ.rpm"
problem are due to packaging issues. Refer with such questions to your
Linux Distributor and his appropriate mailing list or bug reporting tool.

* The chance is high that your bug has already been dealt with ... so look
if there is a newer version of tdelibs available. Reporting bugs for
older, deprecated versions usually don't get that much attention :-)

* Also the chance is high that another one experienced your problem. The
bug report wizard at will help you to
find out if your problem has already been reported.

* The best bug report for a project based on voluntary work is of course one
that comes with a patch that solves the problem. :-)

More info
--------- is a good starting point for info on KDE. If you are a
developer, you may also point your browser to
There is a plethora of mailing lists available, you can gain an overview
quickly by looking at