Nice TWin style decoration
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	First, a word about Fahrenheit. The theme, like its namesake, is 
not meant to be the final word in practicality or usability. Think about 
it: why hasn't the US switched to Celcius, a much more practical and 
usable temperature scale? It makes much more sense to base a temperature 
scale around water (since so much of life literally revolves around 
water). Just what is 0°F and 100°F anyways? It makes no sense at all, 
other than the inertia of tradition.
	Fahrenheit the theme is much the same way, except that it lacks 
the temperture scale's inertia, but it also looks (in the author's 
opinion) more visually interesting than the standard square box. Be it 
the lickable OSX or the crayola WinXP, the fact remains that even by 
rounding out the corners, most window decorations are hopelessly mired in 
squareville. Now, there are good reasons for square. Square is usable. 
Square is practical. Square is comforting and familiar, like a teddy 
bear that's gotten the stuffing squeezed out of it. But square is also 
boring, overdone, and, like week-old leftovers, there's only so much you 
can do with it before you get sick of turkey sandwiches and turkey 
quiche and turkey omlettes and cream of turkey soup.
	To relieve my boredom, there's Fahrenheit. That's right, this is 
about _me_. If you like it, you're more than welcome to use it. If you 
don't, then forget about it. It's not for you. Go back to squaredom. I 
don't care. Yes, this violates Fitt's law in obscene and unthinkable 
ways. The buttons may be too small, but then, I have fine motor control 
and don't find it a problem in the least. I find it usable; therefore, 
it is usable for me. It wastes space with all the funky curves and bars. 
Well, my monitor is 1400x1050, so I've got space to waste.

	There are six color settings that you will want to play with 
in the Control Panel:Appearances & Themes:Colors dialog. These are:
- Active Title Bar
- Inactive Title Bar
- Active Window Frame
- Inactive Window Frame
- Active Window Handle
- Inactive Window Handle
	The title bar and window frame colors should be self-evident. 
Less obviously, however, are the window handle settings. This changes 
the color of the grip lines in the upper-right hand corner of the frame. 

	Inspiration: Fahrenheit was inspired by the mock-up screenshots 
of a hypothetical future BeOS window border, GonX. See the screenshots 
	David Johnson on the twin mailing list was of great help to me 
while writing this decoration. His Example decoration 
( is also a great 
framework for creating new decorations as well.