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2007-04-03 Paweł Nawrocki <>
* WPA-PSK support, UI cleanup and much more.
2007-02-27 Paweł Nawrocki <>
* dhclient connection: get gateway from stdout, so there's no need to check later.
2007-02-27 Paweł Nawrocki <>
* get rid of many external proc calls in favor of ioctls, WATools cleanup
2007-02-27 Paweł Nawrocki <>
* Don't check for active connection while wizard is running
2007-02-27 Paweł Nawrocki <>
* Fixed connection success detection
2007-02-27 Paweł Nawrocki <>
* Beginnings of WPA-PSK support
2007-02-09 Paweł Nawrocki <>
* Got rid of "iwconfig_status" action. Get essid with iwlib calls.
2007-02-03 Paweł Nawrocki <>
* Added option to group APs with the same ESSID
2007-02-03 Paweł Nawrocki <>
* Hide security keys in dialogs and console output
2006-11-22 RELEASE 0.5.6
2006-11-22 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added an option to wait before getting scan results - fixes a problem when some networks were not visible after initial scan.
2006-11-22 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added option to automatically connect to best network at startup.
2006-11-22 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added customizable per-network commands before/after connection/disconnection.
2006-11-14 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Removed the '-q' option from dhclient execution (problem reported by marshallbanana)
2006-11-14 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added Arabic translation (by Mohammed Gamal)
2006-11-14 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added Norwegian Bokm<6B> translation (by Alexander Nicolaysen S?rnes)
2006-11-14 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added Swedish translation (by Daniel Nylander)
2006-11-14 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Updated Spanish translation (by Enrique Mat<61>s S<>chez)
2006-11-14 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Made automatic reconnection option more visible (modified patch by Henry Kay)
2006-03-11 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Fix bug 1447119 - ignore hostap's wifi0 interface (reported and patched by Andreas Nolda)
2006-03-09 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Wait a little bit before checking if connection was successful (a working connection was sometimes not detected)
2006-03-09 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Fixed detection of a running DHCP client (patch by James Ots)
* Fixed gateway detection for SUSE10 (patch by James Ots)
2006-03-04 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added .info files path for SUSE10
2006-03-01 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Skip channel setting if not supported (fixes bug 1349228)
2006-02-16 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Revised and completed Portugese (Brazil) translation (by BRUNO GON<4F>LVES)
2006-02-13 RELEASE 0.5.5
2006-02-13 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Get device list from iwconfig
2006-02-13 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added AUTHORS file
2006-02-12 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Updated to latest bksys (based on kdissert)
2006-02-12 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Show system tray icon by default. Added categories. (wlassistant.desktop)
2006-02-12 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Always try to kill stale dhcp client before connecting (fixes bug #1305952)
2006-02-12 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* New quality level indication. Fixes bug #1323274 "Link quality seems strangefully low..."
2006-02-12 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Updated Portugese (Brazilian) translation (changes by Wintceas Godois)
2006-02-12 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) translations (by Peter Zhang)
2006-02-12 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Fixed "unknown escape sequence" warning (thanks to Achim Bohnet)
2006-02-12 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Return to iwlist scan results parsing
* Pass essid as the last argument - fixes bug #1366531
2006-01-14 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added license to src/waconfig.h
2005-10-24 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Automatically detect paths to .pid and .info/.leases files. Fixes bug #1323263
2005-10-07 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* No concole output if radio ok
* Added missing i18n(...) (wlassistant.cpp line 382)
2005-10-07 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added Catalan translation (by Adonay Sanz Alsina)
2005-09-30 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Normalize quality returned by scan results (range 0-100)
2005-09-30 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Open kernel socket once, reuse it till program exits.
2005-09-29 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Fixed possible division by zero problem.
2005-09-27 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* FIxed initialization of some variables in WATools.
2005-09-27 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* WATools::scanResults does not freeze UI anymore (using callback function to update UI)
2005-09-23 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Small fixes to the WATools::scanResults parsing. (wlassistant.cpp)
* Migrated to bksys/scons
2005-09-20 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Get Wireless Extensions version from iw_get_kernel_we_version() (watools.cpp)
2005-09-14 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added configure check for iwlib.h (patch by Sheldon Lee-Wen)
2005-09-13 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Migrated from iwlist scan results parsing to direct iwlib calls.
2005-09-11 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added version number in window title (main.cpp)
2005-09-11 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Removed redundant <string> include (watools.h)
* Default (fallback) interface in WATools
* Auto set fallback interface in WATools::interfaceList() if none set.
* Made returned variables static in WATools functions
* Renamed devices() to interfaceList() in WATools, adjusted references.
2005-09-06 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added French translation (by Olivier Butler)
2005-09-06 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added 'ASCII' checkbox next to WEP key fields.
2005-09-02 RELEASE 0.5.4a
2005-09-01 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Made WATools::txpower return -1 if radio is disabled.
* Use WATools::txpower instead of output parsing to check if radio is enabled.
2005-09-01 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* List only managed (& master) networks
2005-09-01 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Removed setIfname and ifname from WATools, made 'iface' argument in functions mandatory..
* Don't check for active connection when no scan results.
* Changed linux/socket.h to sys/socket.h (watools.cpp)
* Only bring interface up (before scanning) if it is down. ('no scan results' fix, part 1)
* Don't bring interface down if there were no scan results. ('no scan results' fix, part 2)
* added "ifconfig_status" action (output to check if interface is up) (netparams.cpp)
2005-08-30 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Removed double #include for qcursor
2005-08-27 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Changed linux/socket.h include to sys/socket.h (watools.cpp)
* Don't check for active connection if there are no scan results (wlassistant.cpp)
2005-08-20 RELEASE 0.5.4
2005-08-20 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Reviewed 'timerConnectionCheck' occurences. Make it work regardless of connectedItem presence (to detect if connected from an outside app)
* Fixed 'wlassistant crashes when pressing 'scan' a lot' bug.
* Set config groups
* Created README with usage hints
* Changed 'restricted' to 'shared key'
* Changed 'open' to 'open system' (WEP mode)
* Fixed 'connect from selected network' to 'connect to connected network'
* Added Portugese Brazilian translation (by Daniel Nascimento)
* Added Polish translation
* Added Polish description to .desktop file (Comment[pl])
2005-08-16 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added WATools:: txpower, ap, iface, setIface. (watools.h/.cpp)
* Added getGateway() function. (wlassistant.h/.cpp)
2005-08-15 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Pressing 'Quit' kills all background processes. (wlassistant.cpp)
2005-08-15 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Changed 'Scan' to 'Refresh' (ui_main.ui)
2005-08-13 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Fix: if no gateway (manual config or DHCP) - report that connection failed.
* Properly detect connection on startup, if only gateway accessible.
* Wait 2sec before checking for internet after establishing connection.
* Wait 150ms after DHCP client finishes before getting gateway from route.
* Added more detailed output to stdout.
2005-08-13 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Changed host to ping to
2005-08-13 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Fix: set mInternet to false when mConnected is false.
2005-08-11 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Reworked connection status monitoring & indication.
2005-08-09 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added WATools::devices that returns comma separated list of wireless devices.
* Migrated to WATools::devices (wlassistant.cpp)
2005-08-08 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added WATools::isWireless to determine if interface supports wireless extensions.
2005-08-08 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Removed KConfigXT, .kcfg & .kcfgc files. Variables to store are added in wlassistant.cpp files.
* Changed 'WaSettings' to WAConfig.
2005-08-08 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Introduced helper class WATools (uses iwlib directly).
* Get currentItem quality with WATools::quality instead of parsing iwconfig output.
2005-08-07 RELEASE 0.5.3
2005-08-07 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Removed redundant includes.
2005-08-07 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Removed "ui_confgeneral.h" dependancy (wlassistant.cpp).
2005-08-07 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Removed KDE version dependancy (ui_main.ui).
2005-08-07 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added ToolTips and 'What's This' help to all elements.
* Changed 'Close' to 'Quit'.
2005-08-07 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Change 'Settings' to 'Options' where appropriate.
2005-08-07 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added formatting to message boxes.
* Change 'Close' to 'Stop' only if process runs longer than 1.5sec
2005-08-07 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Last used interface is saved in config file and reused next time the app is run.
2005-08-07 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* While running external executables, 'Close' button changes to 'Stop' that terminates current process.
2005-08-07 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added DHCP client timeout and GUI to configure it.
2005-08-07 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* New settings GUI (wlassistant.h/.cpp, ui_main.ui).
* Droppen kconfigdialog.h dependancy.
* Fixed item height with the new settings GUI (netlistviewitem.h/.cpp).
2005-08-06 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Removed 'netReconnect()' function.
* Reduced CPU usage while running external executables. Thanks to Remco Treffkorn.
2005-08-05 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Removed 'Honor KDE single click' UI.
* Removed 'Honor KDE single click' from kcfg.
* Connect signal/slots in wlassistant.cpp, not in the .ui files.
* Removed 'Reconnect' context menu action. (sometimes froze the app for unknown reasons).
2005-08-05 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Changes to global KDE settings take immediate effect in wlassistant.
2005-08-05 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* If encryption is "off" - disable it, enable if anything else. This fixes encryption detection for drivers that return '****-****-****-**' instead of just 'on'
2005-08-05 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Changed connected item's context menu (part II) so that default action is listed first.
* Make mouse behaviour (Single- or Double-Click) consistent with KDE global settings.
* 'Connect' button caption changes to 'Disconnect' when connected item is selected.
* Double clicking on an item connects/disconnects (when mouse settings require this behaviour).
2005-08-04 RELEASE 0.5.2f
2005-08-04 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Fixed sorting by channel number (e.g. 11 is now after 10, not after 1)
* #ifdef to check for KDE 3.4 - this should make wlassistant compile on KDE 3.3
2005-08-04 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Fixed recognition of '<hidden>' ESSID.
2005-08-04 RELEASE 0.5.2e
2005-08-04 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Try to kill stale DHCP client instance (if any) when connection fails.
2005-08-04 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Try to kill any stale DHCP client if connection fails. This seems to be dhclient only.
2005-08-03 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Bring interface up before setting network parameters (esp. wep key) - this fixes problems with connecting to encrypted networks using a DHCP client.
2005-08-03 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Fixed network encryption and frequency (if no channel info available) detection.
2005-08-03 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Changed connected item's context menu so that default action is listed first.
2005-08-03 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* automatically disconnect from current network when connecting to a different one.
2005-08-02 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Try to kill running instance of DHCP client (if any) before connecting.
2005-08-02 Pawel Nawrocki <>
* Added semicolons to DNS labels in the 'Edit Settings' dialog.
*** version 0.5.2d:
* FIX: Wait 1.5sec for dhcp client to quit. This fixes reconnecting problems.
* FIX: Default action when clicking on a connected item is "Disconnect..." again.
*** version 0.5.2c:
* FIX: On some systems user got disconnected on app startup.
*** version 0.5.2b:
* FIX: Network status monitoring.
* FIX: Wrong WEP indication
* FIX: Few more fixes of ridiculous bugs.
*** version 0.5.2a:
* FIX: uncommented lines that were commented out for testing only.
*** version 0.5.2:
* NEW: Connection status monitoring, ask to reconnect when connection lost.
* NEW: If no scan results returned - check if external radio switch (laptops) is turned on.
* The above feature is tested with madwifi driver only. Please let me know if it works with different ones.
* NEW: Connected network marked with an icon.
* NEW: 'Don't ask again' checkboxes for some dialogs (No GUI to switch them back on yet, you will need to edit 'wlassistantrc' manually)
* FIX: Fixed crash on startup/scan (thanks go to Remco Treffkorn for reporting this).
* FIX: No not report half a star when quality is 0.
* FIX: Reduced flicker when populating network list.
* FIX: Workaround for some drivers wrongly reporting that connection is available when it is not.
* FIX: Workaround for drivers overusing cache when returning scan results/errors (works with madwifi at least).
* Lots of other fixes and internal improvements, code cleanup.
*** version 0.5.1a (BUGFIX RELEASE):
* NEW: Actions for a network that is connected but not configured.
* FIX: Network is no longer shown as 'connected' if link quality is 0.
* FIX: Tab order in "Edit Settings..." dialog.
* FIX/ADD: The AP column is back :)
* FIX: Changed default action of connected item to 'Reconnect'.
*** version 0.5.1:
* NEW: Dialog to edit existing network settings.
* NEW: Basic network settings change monitoring, proper actions if needed (e.g. if an ESSID of a configured network (AP) is no longer broadcasted, you will be asked what to do).
* NEW: connected network item always first and highlighted and bold and whatnot.
* NEW: Dynamic quality indication for the connected network.
* NEW: Disconnect functionality.
* NEW: Moved to i18n strings.
* NEW: If radio is off, user is asked if it should be switched on.
* NEW/FIX: '<hidden>' gets replaced by ESSID if network configured (code was there in 0.5.0 but it only worked for older wireless-tools).
* NEW: If connection fails, user is asked whether to review settings. Comment if it annoys you...
* FIX: Rewritten item drawing code. Reduced flicker.
* FIX: Changed dhclient command arguments. Does this one work for everybody?
* FIX: UI refinements (thanks to Stephan Binner for pointing these out)
* FIX: Couldn't connect after channel/frequency of a network changed.
* FIX: Hack to prevent wrong column width setting.
* FIX/REM: AP column removed.
* Changed scan results parsing to use qregexp and optimised.
* Quite a few other bug fixes, some code cleanup.
* NEW: Wireless Assistant now has a CVS repository. You can find instructions on how to use it at:
* THANKS go to Stephan Binner for giving me some valuable hints.
*** version 0.5.0:
*** This release is a major rewrite. Loads of under-the-hood changes. Huge part of the code has been rewritten, reimplemented, organised, cleaned up, optimised and made easier to extend in the future.
* NEW: Network profiles (finally!). Comments please!
* NEW: Automatic path detection. No manual config.
* NEW: Support for networks with hidden ESSIDs.
* NEW: Context menu for each found network.
* NEW: Sysfs based device detection (kernel 2.6.x required!).
* NEW: Device selection combo is hidden if only one interface is found.
* NEW: wlassistant runs using sudo to avoid permissions mess in different distros.
* FIX: Much shorter startup time.
* FIX: Proper connection checking.
* REM: Real interface name lookup removed.
* REM: Only managed networks supported (Ad-Hoc & other didn't work most of the time anyway. Will rewrite it sometime later, depending on how badly the users want it. Comment pls.).
* REM: Removed "Scan upon startup" option - it is the default behaviour now.
* REM: Removed "Skip encrypted networks" scanning option.
* REM: Removed "Connection timeout" option for dhcpcd. Hardcoded to 25s.
* NOTE: As for now, per network profiles can not be edited. You have to delete one and re-enter all the settings. It might be an inconvenience if you are using networks that change their parameters often, but I wanted to release and get early feedback on the whole profiles implementation.
* NOTE: You might encounter some annoying "This function is not yet implemented" messages. Reason? See above.
* NOTE: I am well aware that the configuration dialog needs redesigning. I'm actually considering removing it completely and implementing more per network options. Comments pls!
* NOTE: See TODO before giving ideas or feature requests to get an overview of what is already planned for the next releases.
*** 0.3.9:
* NEW: the long-awaited dhclient support
* NEW: button to terminate current process
* some bugfixes and ui changes
*** 0.3.8a BUGFIX RELEASE:
* FIX: Quality detection (again, last time, hopefully)
* FIX: some cards reported 'Managed' as 'Master'
* FIX: ESSIDs including space now are correctly set
* FIX: no more unnecessary errors from iwlist & others
* FIX: kcfg file now installed in the proper location
* FIX: path detection (now only accepts files in /usr/.. or /sbin or /bin)
* FIX: existing dhcpcd instance now properly quits if necessary
* some code cleanup
*** version 0.3.8:
* NEW: manual interface configuration (not DHCP)
* NEW: Option to run custom command upon connection
* NEW: use frequency if channel number not available
* NEW: honor KDE single-click behaviour (option)
* NEW: Quit upon successful connection (option)
* NEW: Use ping to verify that connection is successfully established.
* NEW: Case-sensitive essid matching option
* FIX: Support for dhcpcd .pid files
* FIX: Column width set correctly
* FIX: Removed "Auto mode" option (shouldn't be needed)
* FIX: All columns now movable & resizable
* FIX: Proper quality detection / estimation (if no noise level reported)
* FIX: Icon
*** version 0.3.7:
* NEW: app now aware of channel number (thanks to Michael Long)
* FIX: network list is sorted properly now
* FIX: interfaces should be now detected properly if more than 1 is present (feedback pls!)
* FIX: 'Detect' and 'Configure...' buttons disabled while connecting
* FIX: quality should be now reported properly on all cards (with help of Michael Long, feedback pls!)
* FIX: mode changed to 'Managed' before scanning to ensure proper results
* other minor fixes
*** version 0.3.6:
* NEW: Encryption status shown using an icon
* NEW: Graphical link quality indicator
* NEW: automatic key selection if name matches ESSID.
* FIX: revert cursor after setting ad-hoc parameters
* some UI refinements
* status info if ad-hoc and/or encrypted networks skipped during scanning
* other small fixes I don't remember.
*** version 0.3.5:
* NEW: WEP support (please test it, I have no wlan with WEP atm)
* FIX: compile problem fixed, thanks to elitecodex (& his friend)
* FIX: do not try to get info from dhcp when in ad-hoc mode.
* changed binary name to wlassistant (shorter), so make sure to uninstall any previous version!
* changed defaults.
*** version 0.3.1:
* NEW: human-readable interface names (PCI devices only, udev required).
* NEW: option to automatically scan at startup (using first detected device)
* FIX: signal quality now shown correctly.
* FIX: other small fixes.
****** DESCRIPTION ******
Wireless Assistant (wlassistant) is a small application that allows you to connect to wireless networks.
- Managed Networks Support
- WEP Encryption Support
- Not Broadcasted ("hidden") ESSIDs Support
- Per Network (AP) Configuration Profiles
- Automatic (DHCP, both dhcpcd and dhclient) and manual configuration options.
The program uses wireless-tools, route, ifconfig, dhcpcd/dhclient as its backends so they need to be installed.
*** IMPORTANT: As of this release wlassistant is run using 'sudo'. As a result no 'permission denied' errors are handled. Make sure your sudo is configured properly so you can run wlassistant.
EXAMPLE: If you want to create a e.x. 'wifi' group wich users should be allowed to use wlassistant, add the following line to your /etc/sudoers:
%wifi ALL=NOPASSWD: <your_kde_dir>/bin/wlassistant