Trinity Desktop Environment Packaging

Updated 4 days ago

Shared LT DL library sources

Updated 21 hours ago

Shared TDE VNC library sources

Updated 3 months ago

aRts audio server

Updated 20 hours ago

An LGPL/GPL-licensed artwork library

Updated 12 months ago

CalDAV access library

Updated 12 months ago

CardDAV access library

Updated 12 months ago

ELF resource access and editing library

Updated 10 months ago

SIP4 python bindings generator for TQt

Updated 5 months ago

TDE artwork

Updated 2 weeks ago

ksquirrel libraries

Updated 2 weeks ago

Mozilla plugin that launches Kaffeine

Updated 12 months ago

MDB driver for Kexi

Updated 4 hours ago

kgtk-qt3 – TDE dialogs in GTK 2.x applications

Updated 6 months ago

SmartCard login and LUKS decrypt

Updated 12 months ago

TorK – anonymity manager for TDE

Updated 9 months ago

MLT library

Updated 5 years ago

Donated space for related uLab project

Updated 4 years ago

Pacman game for the TDE

Updated 4 days ago

KlamAV – an anti-virus manager for the TDE desktop

Updated 1 month ago